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The 9th Annual Blended Learning Conference 2017

Location: Sydney (339 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW, 2000) Event Dates:   13 March 2017 - 17 March 2017

Event Time: 09:00 (AEST) Organisation: Liquid Learning Group Contact Name: Liquid Learning Group Contact Phone: (02) 8239 9711 Contact Email: Cost: - Posted: 15 November 2016

The 9th Annual Blended Learning Conference 2017


As we continue to evolve our organisations and adapt to the new world of work, we are seeing an acceleration in the evolution of new learning technologies and frameworks available to build workforce capability. In this environment, blended learning remains the primary means of delivering training in most organisations. The challenge for L&D professionals lies in perpetually adapting these approaches to suit changing workforce needs, whilst cutting cost and enhancing learner engagement. Furthermore, gaining insight into future trends and solutions is imperative to cater for the workforce of the future and stay ahead of the game.

L&D professionals are faced with adapting a multitude of delivery methods and technology solutions to suit their organisation, whilst maximising quality learning, usually on a tight budget. Many manage diverse, often dispersed, workforces that have specific learning needs and require advanced technological methods of delivery to gain traction and learner engagement.

Building upon eight successful years, The 9th Annual National Blended Learning Conference 2017 will showcase a range of award-winning professionals from a diverse background of industries, both in the public and private sectors. Covering a range of inspiring case studies, innovative strategies, and advanced learning technologies, current and emerging trends to drive your workforce learning and capability performance to the next level will be discussed.

This interactive, insightful event will provide delegates with advanced strategies and solutions, as well as opportunities to engage, network and share their experiences with leaders and experts across multiple sectors and industries. The practical tips, tools and cost-saving strategies will give L&D professionals the knowledge and wisdom to increase employee performance and achieve maximum ROI for your organisation.

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Event Category: CSR / Shared Value | Governance / Management

Event Type: Conference

Enquiries: Contact Phone (02) 8239 9711


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