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FREE WEBINAR: The challenges of financial sustainability for the charity sector in a low interest rate environment

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Date: 12 February 2015 at 03:00 am Presenter: Michael Walsh Run time: 60 Location: Online Materials Price: $0 (in AUD)

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It is widely understood that we are currently experiencing record low points in inflation, interest rates and economic growth. Wages growth is also declining. This webinar, proudly sponsored by UCA Funds Management, examines the forces behind this trend and forecasts how long this environment will be with us.

Charities are institutions that are highly sensitive to movements in inflation and interest rates and this is generally misunderstood. The webinar explains why this is such an important concept and considers the strategic implications for how charities are funded and even how they are managed.  It will also explore ways in which a more sustainable funding platform can be established given the current challenges being faced.  By attending this session you will gain an understanding of:

  1. Financing your mission, what has changed and why
  2. Strategic implications of changing financial structures
  3. Different investment strategy responses

Who should attend?

This intermediate level webinar will be of benefit for all board members and senior management of community organisations as well as anyone with an interest in financial strategy, investment and ethical funds management.

Can’t make the date?

If you register for any of our Executive Webinars, you will also receive the slide pack and full video recording. So if your schedule is tight, you can watch it in your own time. 

By registering for this free webinar you agree that the presenter, UCA Funds Management, may contact you after the session.

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh’s career spans over 35 years in the financial services industry, and includes several executive and advisory roles in investment strategy and portfolio construction for personal investors. For the past 15 years he has been dedicated to the ethical investing sector and the specific financial attributes of non-profit organizations. He is currently the CEO of ethical funds manager UCA Funds Management.


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