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Future-proof your team with ‘change mindset’ and resilience skills

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Date: 08 October 2020 at 12:00 am Presenter: Pro Bono Australia Location: Online Live Tickets: $55 (in AUD) Materials Price: $50 (in AUD)

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We are seeing more and more, especially in today’s rapidly changing environments, that a focus on technical skills just isn’t cutting it. The missing skill set in leadership today is ‘change mindset’ and resilience. In this 60-minute webinar learn how to use this skill set to future-proof your team. 

Leading today is not just about equipping your team with the right technical skills, it’s also about knowing how to fuel a helpful, encouraging, and productive culture. It means teaching your team skills that move them from catastrophising and treading water to moving projects forward, even during times of change.

Using an approach described as the most refreshing take on mindset, resilience, and productivity, this webinar draws on motivation and neuroscience research to approach mindset and resilience with practicality.

Mindset and resilience training isn’t just a nice idea. It’s the missing skill set in so many organisations, making it possible to get a better return on investment on the technical training you’ve done in the past. The way you nurture your team’s confidence as they learn and experiment with a new skill is what will help you fully maximise it, and the Top Five Movement approach will equip you to do this. .

Unlike some mindfulness practices which motivate you during the session, but leave you struggling to translate it into everyday use, Top Five’s mindset training is designed to give you takeaways you and your team can use practically to maximise productivity and resilience every day. Top Five’s audiences have rated how likely they are to use these tools in their day to day lives at an average of 9.1/10.

In this webinar:

  • Learn how to future-proof your team with change mindset and resilience skills that help to move projects forward, even during change
  • Learn to retrain and rewire your brain in as little as 20 seconds and to immediately use this new skill with your team
  • Get three simple game-changing tools for a happier life, greater focus, and better results for you,  your team and more importantly, the energy you put into being a generous leader every day.

Who should attend?

This webinar is for leaders of for-purpose organisations who don’t want to get left behind with mindset + resilience in the workplace


Purchase the Post Webinar Pack:
By purchasing the webinar materials online, you will receive the post webinar pack. It includes:
  • Video recording of the Zoom session
  • Audio recording
  • Presenter’s slide deck
  • Webinar book – includes the session’s transcript with corresponding slides, the live chat stream and presenter notes.


Presented by:

Clare Desira

Clare Desira is the founder of the Top Five Movement and has worked with thousands of people in 40 countries to build a stronger mindset. Clare’s changing the stats around mental health. An International Coach of the Year finalist, Clare has directed and delivered behaviour change programs for hundreds of organisations.

Clare hosts #1 charting podcast, Leading Generous Teams, which dives into the mindset + resilience strategies CEOs and leaders use.


About Pro Bono Webinars:

Our 60-minute webinars are the capacity building tool you need to help you grow your impact. Curated specifically for people working in purpose-driven organisations, they’ll equip you with actionable takeaways that you can implement in your day-to-day.

Don’t believe us? Check out what others have said about us:

“Fantastic webinar, very stimulating. Lots to think about and will definitely open up some interesting conversations at work.”

“Thank you for hosting webinars on topical issues. Well done.”

“Loving it, keep it up! And thanks!”

Plus, by buying a webinar you are helping us increase our impact. As a social enterprise and B Corp, we’re a for-profit business that exists to make a positive impact. We fund ourselves through a number of paid products so that we can keep our news service and skilled volunteering opportunities free. Find out more about our social impact.

What other leaders say about Clare and Top
Five’s work:

“Help us see opportunities and possibilities
amidst complexity and confusion, be less
overwhelmed and more mindful of what’s within
our control, mentor different thinking in our
teams and fuel another step in our positive
cultural journey.”
– Barbara Brown, People + Culture GM, St
Luke’s Health

“Our team have tools to help them understand
issues through a different lens, create a better
work environment for everyone by raising the
bar, solve problems they haven’t been able to
solve and have clearer perspectives on how to
encourage change.”
– Natalie Juricic, Global Learning +
Development Manager, Intrepid Group

Pro Bono Australia

Pro Bono Australia


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