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Online Webinar – Crisis Management

Location: Adelaide , Brisbane , Canberra , Darwin , Melbourne , Perth , Sydney (Online Event) Event Dates:   07 October 2020

Event Time: 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM Organisation: Non Profit Training Contact Name: Debbie Innes Contact Phone: 1300 144 113 Contact Email: info@nonprofittraining.com.au Cost: $50 per person Posted: 09 January 2017

Online Webinar – Crisis Management


Online Crisis Management Webinar for non-profit boards and committees.

Crisis Management – Webinar October 2020

Crisis management starts long before anything goes wrong and continues for long after a crisis appears to be over. It’s the process the organisation has in place to deal with something that is unexpected and has the potential to cause significant harm the organisation, members, relationships or others.

When a crisis occurs, usually decisions need to be made quickly, good quality information will need to be supplied, communications become difficult to manage, people are under pressure and often feel like they are out of control.

Like risks, many crises are able to be identified. This means that preparing for crisis forms part of the risk management plan and discussion about decisions that might need to be taken in the crisis can be made in advance.

Topics Include:

  • Categorise the types of crises that communities and groups face
  • Recognise the different reactions people have in a crisis
  • Determine your groups need for information and develop the channels to deliver effective messages
  • Recognise the different reactions people have in a crisis
  • Understand how to prepare a communications plan for communicating effectively with your community
  • Form your ‘chain of command’ to bring order to the crisis
  • Understand your role as a leader in helping to alleviate further panic and lack of control
  • Recognise when the immediate crisis is over, move the group and community back to a steady state and reflect on learnings

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Event Category: Communities | General | Governance / Management | Leadership | Volunteering

Event Type: Webinar

Enquiries: Contact Phone 1300 144 113

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