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Into the Wild

Location: Melbourne (QPO Cafe, Bar and Restaurant - 186 High Street, Kew) Event Dates:   04 May 2017

Event Time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (AEST) Organisation: Opportunity International Australia Contact Name: Kylie Kidd Contact Phone: 0404 035 201 Contact Email: Cost: $20 Posted: 05 April 2017

Into the Wild


Your day begins at dawn. You’re lying in a sleeping bag under the open sky grateful that you haven’t succumbed to hypothermia, been attacked by a mountain lion or woken up with a fresh set of blisters on your feet.

Sound like fun? Maybe not, but that’s what six months in 2016 were like for one Opportunity Ambassador, Chris Bailey, after he willingly crossed over into the wild and walked the Pacific Crest Trail – over 4,000km of perilous terrain from Mexico to Canada. Welcome to life living off the grid.

To some, living off the grid is about camping out for a bit. But it can go much deeper than that. Living only with what you need, going back to basics and saying goodbye to technology.

But around the world, one in three people also live off the grid, but not by choice. It’s because they’re living on less than $2.50 a day. Just like living off the grid being about more than camping out, living in poverty is about much more than living without money – it means being trapped, unable to access basic services, and knowing that every setback can leave you vulnerable and even worse off. Poverty affects people in many ways that limit their ability to change their situation.

We invite you to join us at this special event where Chris will share all about his epic adventure – from bears and blisters to the search for something bigger that motivated him to pack his back-pack in the first place.

Event Category: Communities | Fundraising | Philanthropy

Event Type: Special Day

Enquiries: Contact Phone 0404 035 201


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