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Newday: Ambitious leaders, Radical change

Location: Adelaide , Australia (Adelaide Oval, Ian McLachlan Room)
Contact Name: Katrina Webb Director and Founder Contact Phone: +61 (0)411 869 392 Contact Email: Posted: 16 May 2018

Newday: Ambitious leaders, Radical change


We are all global citizens.
Some of us are just waiting for the right moment to take a stand.

Newday is an unmissable one-day summit offering wide-ranging perspectives on leading for the greater good of others. Hear from courageous and inspirational trailblazers from Australia and around the globe who will motivate, challenge and prepare you to become the leader you want to be.

No other conference or workshop you attend will be as life-changing or worthwhile. It will give you the impetus and permission you have been waiting for to challenge the status quo and create positive social impact. Newday will show you that now is the right moment to take a stand and lead.

Newday will give you the opportunity to:

— See the bigger picture of humanity, the ripple effect and your influence on others
— Be inspired and motivated by incredible human stories
— Serve above yourself and care for others
— Activate your purpose and meaning
— Learn tools to handle stress, live with passion, create and not react.

Whether you are from the government or corporate sector, a leader or leader-to-be, a team player or marching to the beat of your own drum, this summit is for you.

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Shivani Gupta

Passion Activator

Shivani is a speaker, author and mentor who works with clients as a ‘passion activator’ to enable success and fulfilment in both personal and business spheres. Her mentoring programs have taken her around the world and she has authored several books on the subject, including being a contributing author to the Amazon #1 best-seller Inspired by the Passion Test.

Managing more than 40 staff across four businesses, her insights are informed by real life experience. Shivani’s own passion is to enable a billion people to live passionate lives, and she’s coming for you!

At newday 2018 Shivani will offer up the keys to the passion map. This will guide you to your top five passions, unlock your passion for motivating others, and identify and align your team’s passions with a common purpose and goals.

Dr Sally Rundle

Leadership Developer

Sally is a spirited speaker, educator, healer and intuitive coach known for her sensitivity, second sight and skill. She has worked internationally for 20 years, co-authoring three books on leadership, values and energy, and working as a facilitator with the HeartMath Institute USA, a world leader in scientific tools to help people bridge the connection between their hearts and minds.

With a PhD in International Management and a Post Doctoral Certificate in Integrative Holistic Health, Sally is ideally placed to apply wellbeing principles and tools in the workplace.

Sally will bring cutting edge knowledge of contemporary wellbeing to newday 2018. She will help you to connect deeply with your heart, mind and spirit in business, allowing you to access your natural gifts, talents and strengths to empower and transform your organisation and your life.

Phill Nosworthy

Switch Inc.

An executive coach, futurist, speaker and author, Phill’s insights into personal mastery and the future of work have gained him a cult following among high performers in Fortune 500 listed companies the world over.

He operates globally, counting household name figures and organisations amongst his clients, has worked extensively in behaviour change and founded a successful training and development practice.

At newday 2018 Phill will delight in bending your business mind as he explores the connection between work and meaning, revealing exactly why meaning must become a foundational obsession in the way that teams and businesses are managed. His combination of deep insights and practicals tools will help you evaluate how you approach your career, rethink the teams you lead and help you build a strong and professional brand.

Sashenka Worsman


Twenty-four-year-old Sashenka is currently the CEO of Australia’s largest youth-run organisation, Oaktree , with over 250,000 members leading a movement to end poverty. She is also the youngest ever board member of the Australian Council for International Development, the peak body for the aid and international development sector, representing over 130 organisations across Australia working in over 90 countries.

Born and raised in wartorn Sri Lanka, Sash has an unwavering passion and commitment to lead young people in creating a world where equality and peace are commonplace for all.

Dr Tshering Hyolmo-Lama

Young Global Leaders

Born in the mountains of Nepal and the first of his generation to go to school and read, Dr Tshering Lama became a leader in his teens after discovering Where there is No Doctor. He studied the healthcare manual, which was widely used in developing countries, and was educating and mending wounds in his community by the age of 12. His work drew attention and support that enabled Tshering to attend university in the UK, where he completed a Masters of Public Health and a PhD in Telemedicine.

The generosity shown to him as a child has inspired Tshering to pay it forward and he has since cofounded the charity Childreach Nepal, which has helped more than 213,000 children, as well as Idea Studio Nepal, a platform to encourage and empower entrepreneurs to solve social and economic issues faced by the country. In 2015, Dr Tshering Lama was selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader.

A firm believer in the concept that helping benefits the helper more than the helped, Tshering will speak at newday about how faith, passion and hope are key to an integrated and a purposeful life.

Dr Nigel Farrow

Medical Research

Nigel and his wife were faced with every parent’s nightmare when their 10-week-old daughter, Ella, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. A 36-year-old career musician who had left school in Year 10, NIgel felt helpless but knew he had to do something for his daughter. He gave up music and began studying to help find a cure, completing a Bachelor of Medical Science and a Bachelor of Health Science with first class Honours, and a PhD in medicine.

Nigel went on to work at the Adelaide Cystic Fibrosis Airway Research Group based at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, where he is helping to develop a cure for the life-threatening disorder that affects more than 70,000 people globally.

At newday Nigel will share how he was able to find purpose in heartache and utilise the experience to forge a positive direction that has inspired many people in the CF community, academia, business, sports, politics and everyday life.

Adam Thompson


Adam Thompson is best known as front man of Australian rock band Chocolate Starfish, whose self-titled debut album went Platinum and won an ARIA after spawning their number one hit, You’re So Vain. Social responsibility has come to play a major role in Adam’s life and career as a solo artist, making him a highly sought-after entertainer and keynote speaker, working with remote indigenous communities and schools across Australia and corporate groups from around the globe.

Adam has combined his two passions and created the renowned team-building activity MusoMagic, which boasts its own TV show Outback Tracks (SBS) and has spawned a not-for-profit MusiKarma, which helps disadvantaged youth reach their potential.

At newday, Adam will unravel the mysteries of rock ‘n’ roll as only he can and discuss how tapping into his passion for music — one of the most powerful and universal creative mediums used by humans — is helping develop courage and shared knowledge to unify people across age groups, cultures and distance for the greater good.

Dr Fiona Kerr

Humanist and Technologist

Fiona is a world renowned academic researcher, author, consultant and speaker. Dr Kerr is an industry professor in Neural & Systems Complexity at Adelaide University and she is on a mission “to change the way we think, about how we think.”

Consulting across continents with governments and corporations to discuss the neurophysiological effects of the interactions between humans and multiple types of technology. She is a powerful advocate for the transformative qualities of human interaction. Encouraging organisations to understand how leaders change our brains and how to maximise face to face contact through technology.

Dr Kerr’s ability to captivate audiences and communicate complex ideas will help you explore at Newday 2018, the relationship between adaptive leadership, the importance of human connection and leveraging the transformative power of technology to build flourishing organisations for a human-centric future.

Katrina Webb

Silver 2 Gold

Katrina Webb is recognised and acknowledged for her unique athleticism and outstanding success as a Paralympic athlete. She has won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in athletics at three Paralympic Games. She was the first torch bearer to enter the Olympic Stadium for the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games and in 2006 Katrina was selected to present on behalf of the International Paralympic Committee to the United Nations in New York. To add to this she has walked the Kokoda track and has trekked to Basecamp Everest. In 2012 & 2016, Katrina was selected as one of two Paralympians Ambassadors for the International Paralympic Committee at the London & Rio Paralympic Games. Due to her own experience in dealing with a disability and a desire to help others, Katrina is a passionate humanitarian. She currently organises leadership treks to Nepal including Everest Basecamp, raising funds for the health, education and protection of children in Nepal.

Katrina Webb is also the founder and director of newday.

Matthew Wright-Simon

Engagement for changemakers, newday event emcee

Matthew Wright-Simon is principal of Ecocreative, a specialised engagement consultancy based in South Australia. He is delighted to be working with Katrina and the team on bringing this event together and is excited about hosting our wonderful speakers on stage as our newday Emcee. Matthew is also really looking forward to meeting as many people attending on the day as possible.

Matthew is a creative facilitator who believes a group of people can design solutions to almost any problem (as it’s more than likely we created it!). He is passionate about collaborating with purposeful organisations to confront tough personal, social and economic challenges — while having as much fun as possible in the process.

Matthew’s commercial work is informed his roles in thought leadership, social enterprise, philanthropy and advocacy with TEDxAdelaide, Social Capital, the Awesome Foundation and Landscape Partnerships, an environmental NGO he co-founded several years ago.

Mickey O’Brien

Welcome to Country

Mickey Kumatpi Marratyu O’Brien is an Aboriginal person and descendant of the Kaurna (Adelaide Plains) and Narrunga (York Peninsula) peoples. He has been providing cultural advice for many years and is a proud ambassador for the Kaurna people.

Culture is an important part of Mickey and he honours the responsibility passed down to him by his father, well-know Kaurna elder, Uncle Lewis O’Brien by incorporating culture into Welcome to Country.

Mickey connects with audiences through his engaging story telling ability where he delivers powerful lessons passed on to him through his people, culture, history and experiences. Reminding audiences that, “cultural knowledge and respect is part of every story and each human journey.”

Newday 2018, using humour and wisdom Mickey will challenge you to consider the importance of culture, storytelling, sharing and welcoming. Encouraging leaders to discover the power of integrating these aspects into their workplaces and to focus on walking together in harmony.

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Event Category: Communities | General | Governance / Management | Innovation | Leadership

Event Type: Conference

Enquiries: Contact Phone +61 (0)411 869 392


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