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Not-for-profit leadership treasure trove

Presenter: Pro Bono Australia Location: Online Live Tickets: $250 (in AUD) Materials Price: $0 (in AUD)

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This Value Pack pulls together a whopping ten webinars designed to help you develop as a not-for-profit leader. It’s a comprehensive toolkit that will teach you how to support your team’s wellbeing, master strategic planning and build the culture you want in your organisation. 

It’s an amazing $500 value for just $250 (50% off!)


You’ll come away with insights into: 

  • Powerful neuroscience tools to improve leadership potential 
  • How to influence your team successfully
  • Creating a culture where your team can fail, thrive and innovate
  • Dynamic planning for operational excellence
  • Tools and processes to handle the unexpected


What’s inside?


Take The Lead: Skills You Need To Be A More Effective Leader

The ability to connect as a leader is the key to growing your impact. In this session Jennifer Myers, Co-Founder and Director of JFDI, Ltd, will guide you through everything from the success habits of leaders to how to develop your ability to influence your team. 


Leadership Development: Use Neuroscience to Take Your Personal and Team Performance to the Next Level

In this webinar presented by sector expert Elise Sernik from Leadership Space you’ll be guided through three powerful tools from neuroscience that will deepen your levels of self-understanding and improve your leadership potential. You’ll be shown how to use them to adapt and thrive so you make real gains in your professional satisfaction and effectiveness, and enable your leadership teams to reach their full potential too.


How to create a culture of innovation to maximise your social impact

In this panel discussion, we will chat to three not for profit CEOs and senior leaders who are sky-rocketing their projects’ impact by creating a culture of innovation.


The transformation imperative: why for-purpose organisations need to focus on operational excellence

There is an imperative to implement substantive changes relating to operating models that more effectively harness the value of your people, improves business processes, and utilises the benefits of technology. This webinar provides insights on designing and implementing a successful transformation that achieves operational excellence and the future proofing of your organisation.


Strategies to understand and tackle racism and bias in the workplace 

In this important session,  Hueman Equity Consulting’s Phoebe Mwanza takes you through practical ways to actively reduce racism and bias through training, as well as how to embed processes, policies and behavioural expectations in your organisation to help create a workplace culture grounded in diversity and inclusion.


Organisation Review: Protecting your organisation’s reputation

Crises come in many forms: from occupational health and safety issues, major disasters, negative publicity, money defrauded to incidents involving clients. It’s every organisation’s responsibility to ensure staff are given the training, tools and processes to handle the unexpected. This live panel will feature three experts who will help you prepare, or improve an existing risk management strategy to ensure the safety of your staff, volunteers and clients and publicly protect your reputation.


Protect, restructure, thrive: Dynamic planning for a successful year

Presented in the context of a looming 2021, this session guides leaders through essential questions and strategies to develop a plan when you don’t know your financial situation nor service delivery requirements. You will come away with practical skills that will help you to protect key contracts, restructure for flexibility and create annual plans in uncertainty. 


Future-proof your team with ‘change mindset’ and resilience skills

Leading today is not just about equipping your team with the right technical skills, it’s also about knowing how to fuel a helpful, encouraging, and productive culture. This means teaching your team skills that help them move them from catastrophising to moving projects forward. Using an approach described as the most refreshing take on mindset, resilience, and productivity, this webinar draws on motivation and neuroscience research to approach mindset and resilience with practicality.


How your NFP can emerge from crisis with vision and strength

In this webinar, our presenter will unpack the communications and stakeholder relations strategies not-for-profits will need to use to engage with stakeholders through a period of uncertainty and challenge. These strategies will inform organisations as they navigate key changes to their donor profile, funding and government policy.


Developing Effective and Resilient Leaders in Times of Change

Great leaders are the cornerstone of the social sector. With most not-for-profit organisations facing unprecedented change in recent years, many organisational leaders are experiencing additional pressure. In this webinar, expert presenter Andrew Beveridge will explore some of the ways in which you can develop leaders to become both more effective and resilient in these times.



Pro Bono Australia

Pro Bono Australia

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