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Safety Professionals Leadership Toolkit

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Location: Sydney (Cliftons Sydney: 60 Margaret St, Sydney, NSW, 2000) Event Dates:   19 January 2017 - 20 January 2017

Event Time: 08:30 (AEST) Organisation: Liquid Learning Contact Name: Liquid Learning Contact Phone: 8239 9711 Contact Email: Cost: $2744.50 Posted: 15 September 2016

Safety Professionals Leadership Toolkit


In order to create deep change in safety culture and behaviour, workplace health and safety professionals must exhibit strong leadership and resilience. The most progressive organisations operating in high risk safety critical industries all share the common goal of zero harm, whereby a ‘total safety culture’ is a core value. It is only possible to achieve ‘zero harm’ when an organisations’ leadership and all employees share the same core values and attitudes towards safety. To make ‘zero harm’ a reality, these values must be evident in the behaviours exhibited by leaders and employees alike.

Safety leaders play a key role in strengthening the capacity of an organisation to perform in spite of challenges and risks in their environment. Overall success in the role can be traced back to effective leadership, a strategic mindset and a focus on engaging executive leaders and staff in the cultural change necessary to achieve the aspiration of zero harm.

This workshop will equip its participant’s with a suite of practical skills and tools, and provides the opportunity to reflect upon your own role as a leader, learn from each other’s experiences and provide a new vision for how you lead Workplace health and Safety functions and engage with the business. The program will draw on the latest research in leadership and neuro-science to create an evidence-based framework for improving your impact and influence as a Safety leader.

Group Discounts Available:
10% off Standard Rate Team of 3 – 4
15% off Standard Rate Team of 5 – 7
20% off Standard Rate Team of 8 +

Event Category: CSR / Shared Value | Governance / Management

Event Type: Workshop

Enquiries: Contact Phone 8239 9711


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