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The Future Nonprofit: Cultivating Cultures of Change Today

Date: 23 November 2022 at 11:00 am Presenter: Pro Bono Australia Location: Online Materials Price: $0 (in AUD)

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Event description

Discover how the world’s most successful nonprofits exceed their goals and engage their employees. Join this webinar to learn the story behind the statistics and how you can cultivate a culture of change at your organisation.

With insights from more than 1,600 nonprofit professionals, we will delve into the ANZ findings of the research and uncover:

  • The challenges, priorities, and opportunities in the sector
  • What nonprofits expect in the year ahead
  • Surprising ways digital maturity impacts employee engagement

Meet our speakers:

Jason Hincks

Director, Nonprofit Industry Solutions, APAC

Jason Hincks is the Director, Nonprofit Industry Solutions, APAC at He is an experienced leader and Non-executive Director in both the commercial and not for profit sectors. His roles have included Chief Executive Officer of Foodbank Australia, Chief Operating Officer, Global for Movember and CEO of mid-scale agencies in the technology and consulting spaces in Australia and the USA. 

He is currently the President and Chair of the Australian Marine Conservation Society and also holds a board position with Interrelate. Jason is passionate about enabling impact at scale through technology and empowering nonprofits to fund, achieve and communicate their mission.

John Jensen
Senior Director, Nonprofit Insights

John Jensen is’s Senior Director of Nonprofit Insights. John has worked in a number of public-benefit and nonprofit organisations in the financial and technology sectors.  Based in Vancouver, Canada, John’s role is to monitor global nonprofit trends and forecasts.

Yvonne Timson
Chief Operations Officer
Community Vision

Yvonne is a highly qualified and experienced Chief Operations Officer, proficient in both governance and corporate environments (AGIA). Experienced within a cross-section of industries, Yvonne provides high-level commercial, strategic and technical support that adds vital value to our stakeholders. Yvonne has held senior roles within the aged care, disability and mental health sectors spanning 15 years. She is a driven leader, a passionate mentor and skilled in achieving ROI, corporate governance and strategic results for Community Vision. Yvonne’s passion for social justice flows throughout all operations to improve flexibility, autonomy and fulfilment of all customers and staff.


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