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Attachment-base therapy Masterclass

Location: Sydney ( Event Dates:   28 March 2020 - 29 March 2020

Event Time: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM (AEST) Organisation: Integrated Attachment-based Counselling and Therapy Contact Name: Jeff Contact Phone: 0417794383 Contact Email: Cost: $900 AUD Posted: 11 October 2019

Attachment-base therapy Masterclass


Attachment—Based  counselling  and therapy  has  multiple  approaches. This workshop  explores how  to  conceptualise and  apply  a  range  of  evidenced Attachment-based  approaches in an integrated  manner.  The integrated manner utilises  a unique overlay  of  models  that  lay  the foundation  of  conceptualising  the  moment  of  interaction  in  an  attachment-based  framework to analyse  what  moment  is  this?  For  both  the  client and  the therapist.  Once  the moment  is understood,  the intervention  choice  and  action  steps  are  easier  to  apply. 

The neuroscience of care-giving and parenting is critical to responding to the needs of all children, especially those traumatised and at-risk children and young people. An in-depth understanding of attachment and the process of therapeutic engagement has been used as the basis for the development of integrated attachment-based counselling and therapy. It is also at the heart of family functioning and therapeutic relationships.  Our training aims to strengthen therapeutic relationships, client’s parenting capacity through enhancing reflective functioning, arousal and trauma response management as well as helping clinicians, clients, parents and children understand their survival strategies and provide extra tools for living and relational responding. 

The  workshop explores; 

Dynamic Maturational Model,

Circle  of Security, 


Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy,   

Neuroscience of development, 

Trauma informed approaches,  

Somatic and  body connections.   

A must  for  any  counsellor, therapist,  psychiatrist,  youth  worker,  case manager, support  worker,  psychologist, social  worker, play therapist,  disability  worker,  teacher,  trainer, coach,  analyst or  psycho-dynamic workers.  

New or experienced graduates encouraged to attend! 

14  hours of  workshop,  small group skills practice and  training  for your  Professional  Development  Credit  points.



  • Explore Attachment-based theories, conceptualisation of intervention framework and treatment training.
  • Understand the Dynamic-Maturational Model of self protective strategies
  • Comprehend neurological underpinnings for survival strategies 
  • comprehend the human arousal and sexual arousal systems 
  • Moment to moment conceptualisation within counselling and therapy. 
  • Explore somatic systems and arousal management and interventions.
  • Comprehend Mentalisation processes to address cognitive omissions and distortions.
  • Develop skills in using the integrated  approach to  conceptualise  and  respond to  the  client within  the  moments  in  counselling  and therapy. 

Our Instructors

Km Warner and Jeff Taylor are both Master therapists with extensive study, training and experience in attachment based counselling and therapy. Each having over 25 years in the provision of services, training and clinical supervision. See their biography page.

Kim and Jeff have developed the Integrated Attachment-based Counselling and Therapy model after three decades of research, training, and development.  The workshop and the subsequent training courses and supervision training models all link to provide a comprehensive attachment-based counselling model.

Workshop outcomes

Workshop benefits are many; 

1. Extensive understanding of the underpinning Theories

2. Comprehensive understanding of the conceptualisation and assessment of client and therapeutic interaction.

3. Integrated intervention or treatment plan relating to the individual and relational strategies and trauma responses.

The process will be explained in a seven step counselling intervention framework.  The seven step model starts from the engagement rapport building stage through to comprehensive understanding of the treatment model and interventions.  

This workshop sets the foundation for a Diploma of integrated Attachment-Based Counselling & Therapy.

Clinical Supervision Training Certification  will be provided in the  future.

This  course  is  acceptable  as foundation knowledge  for  the  Australian  Association  of Integrated Attachment-based counselling  and  therapy.

Event Category: Communities | Education | Innovation | Volunteering

Event Type: Workshop

Enquiries: Contact Phone 0417794383


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