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Community Connector

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Organisation : Neighbourhood Connect Inc.

Location : Australia

Time required : At a pace that works for you

Duration of project : Ongoing

Sector : Community Development

Posted on : 24 Sep, 2019

About the role

About Us

Neighbourhood Connect Inc is a national not for profit organisation. We help people turn streets into communities and foster a national network of neighbour groups. We make it easy for people to get to know those who live near them and to feel more connected, safer and more supported as a result.

We have neighbour groups and a project team spanning all States / Territories. Everyone involved is passionate about creating and supporting communities. The project is unfunded; we are all contributing on a voluntary basis.

You can check it out at


About You

We are looking for people of all descriptions anywhere in Australia who are:

  • interested in connecting face to face with your neighbours and building a sense of community;
  • welcoming and friendly to all types of people; and
  • able to plan ahead and organise things.


Your Role

As a community connector, you bring your neighbours together and, with them, do social and other activities that develop a sense of community. You will:

  • Invite your neighbours to social gatherings (suggested start is an invitation dropped in 200-600 letter boxes around where you live);
  • Encourage discussion to uncover common interests and potential activities that neighbours would like to do together;
  • Ask others to join you in sharing the role of community connector – it’s more enjoyable done as a small team;
  • Facilitate contact between neighbours;
  • Connect with Neighbourhood Connect and be part of a network of neighbourhood groups around Australia;
  • Take photos and video of activities to share with Neighbourhood Connect for our social media (with permission), and
  • Encourage your group to participate in evaluating the project to answer the question, ‘What difference has this made?’

What help will we give you?
You’ll have lots of support to make this work for you in your area, including:
Help and advice from a member of the Project Team via phone and email;
A Kit from our website giving you lots of ‘how to’ information such as how to contact
your neighbours and how to discuss what you might do together;
Example invitations and other useful tools;
Lots of examples of inspiring community groups and what they’ve done;
Easy, in-between and ambitious ideas of what a Neighbourhood Connect group could do
(so no shortage of options);
An email group for sharing and learning for community connectors.

What will you get from this?
You will be making a difference in your neighbourhood and will gain a greater sense of
community and belonging.
A community where neighbours are willing to give each other a helping hand.
The satisfaction of being helpful to your neighbours, sharing your skills and making a
positive difference in their lives.
Getting to know more people in your neighbourhood expands your circle and may lead
to new friends.
The benefits of whatever you decide to do together. These could be fresh veggies if you
choose to garden together, company for walking, improving the look of your area,
sharing tools or skills, more sustainable living or a group of fellow book lovers.
Community development experience. This is particularly useful if you work, or want to
work, in community services.
Event management and facilitation experience.
Being part of a network of Community Connectors – sharing and learning.
Being part of a national project and seeing it grow and develop.
A greater sense of wellbeing, purpose, and satisfaction in your life.

Is this a big commitment?
This can be done on top of a busy life. Finding others to share the organising (Connector) role
with you and pacing activities allows you to fit this in at a pace that works for you.

Take the next step
To get the ball rolling in your area, send an email to Irene Opper, National Manager, with the following:
why this interests you
any experience you’ve had with community groups or organising gatherings (desirable,
not essential)
where you live, your contact details and your preference for contact (business hours or
after hours).

If you have any questions please call Irene on 0413 706 233.

Please note that this is a role that a person takes on as a neighbour, not as a volunteer of
Neighbourhood Connect.

About the organisation

Organisation name : Neighbourhood Connect Inc.
Not for Profit : Yes

How to apply

Applications not allowed for this volunteering opportunity.

Please quote in application: Community Connector via Pro Bono Australia.


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