Help Humanity Fundraising Cancer Patient Shofiqul Islam

Organisation : Zenith Meditour private limited

Location : International

Time required : 30

Duration of project : 28/02/2020

Skill Area : Community Services, Fundraising, Healthcare & Medical, Marketing, Media & Communications

Sector : Community Support Services, Foundations, Trusts & Philanthropy, Homelessness & Affordable Housing

Posted on : 5 Feb, 2020

About the role

Come forward to treat the blood-cancer attack Shafiq. Although the child’s special cancer’s black cancer recently, he has been caught for the longest, including the liver, and other people, including for a long time. In the treatment of the Chief of Shanti, the son of Amit Abdul Majid, the son of Khwali Police Station, Kalwali, the murder of Khwali village, has been spent in Treaty of 15 lakh taka. Chronic Miley Leukemia (ALL) of Chhatikul Islam has been caught, which is a kind of blood cancer. To get his proper treatment, at least 30 thousand rupees per month (if no other complications) can be seen). It is not possible to spend the cost of the treatment for small traffic stoff and his poor families, and his family has been appointed to the financial assistance to the society and the wealth of the society for treatment. If you want to send a helpless help, Shamsiqul Islam, the SSC 99, Comilla’s representatives of Comilla, was requested to send money to the following account in Jordau Dev. Bank Account Number – 2801414698001 City Bank Limited, Nazrul Avenue Branch, Comilla / Bank Accounting No. 0712000012073 Dhaka Bank Limited, Kandirpar Branch, Comilla or Development Number 01710818740 (Private). Local contact with Shafiqul Islam: 01677 424433. Note that when the cancer discloses humanitarian applications, helping to connect with the poor patients with the poor patients. Financial help will be submitted to the According to the bank account or contact the mobile phone to the patient. None of the India Medical Treatment Tourism Zenith Meditour private limited Sanu Barua, Froenge Pattern Coodenoter +919051653808 will take any Query Donate Some Monye. PaypalAccount=porisevabd1@paypal


Plz Any Information Contact Number WhatsApp +919051653808

Mr.Shofiqul Islam  family Members  

About the organisation

Organisation name : Zenith Meditour private limited
Not for Profit : No

How to apply for this role

For details concerning this role , please contact

Sanu Barua

Phone : +919051653808

Email :

Please quote in application: Help Humanity Fundraising Cancer Patient Shofiqul Islam via Pro Bono Australia.


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