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The Guide to Giving is the national directory of Australia’s not-for-profit organisations and charities, and is the definitive map of Australia’s not for profits, philanthropic and charity sector.

For 30 years Pro Bono Australia has supported Australia’s not-for-profit sector by providing an online hub for people engaged, or wanting to engage with community organisations.

This online version of our directory makes it simple to find and contact listed organisations, whilst also offering interactive profiles for each listed organisation highlighting their work, projects, opportunities and current fundraising efforts.

If you want to donate, leave a bequest or research a charity, look no further.

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There are many ways to help NFP organisations: Donations, Fundraising, Volunteering. How would you like to help?

Most Not for Profit organisations will happily accept a cash donation, but not all need volunteers. If an organisation has not provided any details for their Volunteering activities, it is assumed to not use them.

  • I am looking to donate or make a bequest.

  • I would like to volunteer my time and skills​.

  • I am interested in everything!​


Question 2 of 4

Is tax deductibility important to you?

Only donations to the charities who are registered with the ATO as deductible Gift Recipients can be claimed as tax deductible. If they do not have DGR status you can still donate but you can’t claim any tax back on your donations at the end of the financial year. Often ​this​ decision​ depends on how large your donation is or if getting a tax deduction matters to you​. It's up to you.​

  • I'd prefer to connect only with Not for Profits that have DGR status

  • I am happy to connect with all Not for Profits



Question 3 of 4

Where are you in Australia?

Many charities will be restricted to a particular state. Also, some larger charities have state-based offices rather than national ones, so this ensures that you donate to the most relevant organisation.



Question 4 of 4

Which causes interest you most?

This is where we can start narrowing down the type of Not for Profit organisation you might be connecting with.​ Below is the list of Categories where you can select the causes that are important to you


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