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Our exclusive sector-specific white papers feature in depth analysis, expert commentary by pre-eminent industry leaders and international best practices through case studies.

Our white papers focus on impact – how to create more in actuality rather than theory, and are written by journalists of the sector, for people working with purpose.

Achieving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are now broadly supported concepts within the Australian population. Policies and strategies have been widely implemented within workplaces to address the imbalance of power and opportunity stemming from discrimination and inequality. While significant headway has been made, research indicates that progress has been slow, particularly at a leadership level.

This paper will address the arguments to pursue diversity and inclusion initiatives and the practical ways to do so. It is intended to educate, prompt discussion and where possible give managers and employees practical ideas to improve and support diversity in their own workplaces.

Price – $250

Authors: the Pro Bono News Team
February 2023

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