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Being A Leader, No Matter Your Job Title

Jenny Nicholls, Friday, 7th June 2024 -  According to the American Dictionary, a leader is “a person who manages… other people, especially because of his or her ability or position”.

Ikigai – Your First Step Towards Meaningful Job

NGO Recruitment, Friday, 31st May 2024 -  If you need help making your desired transition into a not-for-profit (NFP) sector job, and you would like more clarity about your options, you can start with exploring the Japanese concept of IKIGAI.

It’s all about your strengths

Deborah Wilson, Friday, 24th May 2024 -  One of the most challenging things to do as a leader can be to motivate people. We all want our people to perform at their best and in my experience, doing so does not usually begin with highlighting people’s apparent weaknesses.

Building a team culture that supports your people and drives strong outcomes for the organisation

Ilea Stoltenberg, Friday, 17th May 2024 -  Creating an effective and strong team culture stands as an important differentiator to any flourishing organisation. Read what Ilea Stoltenberg from On Talent developing a positive workplace culture.

What contributes most to a positive workplace culture?

Deborah Wilson, Friday, 10th May 2024 -  At OnTalent, we are always interested in better understanding people’s thoughts on the role of leadership in shaping and maintaining a positive workplace culture. Recently, we ran a poll on LinkedIn that looked like this:

Navigating Success: A Guide to Setting Yourself Up in a New Role

Lisa Redstall, Friday, 3rd May 2024 -  Starting a new role is an exciting opportunity for growth and development—a time to acquire new skills, form fresh connections, and navigate uncharted paths. For some, it can also be a daunting experience, a journey where the known gives way to the

Lifelong learning… the secret to getting a new job!

Kerri Hansen, Friday, 26th April 2024 -  What we are coming to know as “Industry 4.0” is here. Our competitive landscape and today’s job market, together with the disruption of the ever-changing Digital Age, has ensured continuous learning and development is crucial to maintaining an

Understanding Unconscious Bias

BrookerConsulting, Friday, 19th April 2024 -  Unconscious bias affects every recruitment process. With more understanding of our innate prejudices, how are we able to implement strategies to mitigate its influence on hiring decisions?

Is Discrimination Alive and Well?

BrookerConsulting, Friday, 12th April 2024 -  Many listed entities are now able to state that close to 30% of their Directors are female, which, while still sub-optimal, is an improvement on the ratios of the past.

7 Principles of Effective Board Chair Leadership

Dr Rachel Cameron, Friday, 5th April 2024 -  For over 20 years, Brooker Consulting has played a pivotal role in shaping executive talent pools, here is Dr Rachel Cameron's tips for Effective Board Chair Leadership.
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