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Wooden block in shape of person with a small block carved out symbolising a miscarriage.

Breaking the silence of miscarriage

Ruby Kraner-Tucci, Wednesday, 29th March 2023 -  Isabelle Oderberg’s debut title unapologetically addresses the stigma surrounding pregnancy loss and presents a case for much-needed change.
An image of the front cover of Queer Chameleon and Friends, featuring a cartoon chameleon in rainbow striped colours on a brown branch and the text Queer Chameleon and Friends written and illustrated by Amee Wilson.

A celebration of queer identity

Danielle Kutchel, Friday, 10th March 2023 -  Queer Chameleon and Friends retains the spirit and tone of the original webcomics and is an uplifting introduction to the queer community.
Hands holding a clapper against a blue background.

Impact films take aim at social sector

Ruby Kraner-Tucci, Wednesday, 1st March 2023 -  Impact films are claiming their stake of the social sector, competing for the same funding, platforms and partnerships, but industry leaders say it offers “immense potential” for not for profits.
Older man slumped in office chair with his head in his hands, wearing a suit.

Leaders responsible for action on workplace bullying

Ruby Kraner-Tucci, Wednesday, 15th February 2023 -  Workplace bullying costs employers up to $36 billion each year and poor leadership is a major contributor, but a new book offers a solution.
A black man kneels on a running track, holding a baton, ready to run a race.

Casting a sporting eye over Australia’s economy and society

Danielle Kutchel, Friday, 20th January 2023 -  Charities minister Andrew Leigh’s latest book melds his passions for sport, the economy and social justice. 
Woman wearing gloves holding cardboard cut out of a house

Uncovering the hidden face of homelessness

Ruby Kraner-Tucci, Wednesday, 16th November 2022 -  A new documentary tells the stories of the fastest growing demographic of homelessness in Australia.

New philanthropy-backed podcast created by women in prison

Ruby Kraner-Tucci, Thursday, 10th November 2022 -  The four-part podcast series recounts the stories of women in custody, the experiences that led them to incarceration, and the injustices needing to change.
A small blue book lies on a desk. It is title The Big Teal.

Holmes à Court’s candid views laid bare

Danielle Kutchel, Monday, 7th November 2022 -  A new book gives readers an inside perspective on Climate 200’s fundraising and the wave of independents elected to the 47th Parliament.
mum working on computer with child sitting on her lap drawing

Using the lessons of COVID-19 to create a brighter future for women

Ruby Kraner-Tucci, Monday, 31st October 2022 -  Through rich research and personal anecdotes, Kristine Ziwica’s debut book Leaning Out asks us to mend the “fragile foundations of women’s working lives”.
Two people looking at Tasmania's Franklin River

New documentary Franklin is using philanthropy to inspire environmental activism

Ruby Kraner-Tucci, Friday, 2nd September 2022 -  The film, backed by crowdfunding and philanthropic donations, is launching an impact campaign to encourage conversations about democracy, peaceful protest and climate change.
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