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Leading Generous Teams is a podcast from Pro Bono News in partnership with Top Five Movement, dedicated to improving the mindset, resilience and mental health of people working in the social sector. 

It was launched in 2020, at the height of the COVID pandemic in Australia when it became clear one of the biggest concerns for leaders was the wellbeing of their own teams. The lessons still hold true.

Over six episodes, we speak to sector leaders about the impact COVID-19 is having on their staff – the pressure of changing service delivery, the challenges of delivering on the front line during a pandemic, the financial uncertainty in the face of growing demand, and the mental health challenges of balancing all of this with the difficulties of daily life, such as parents managing remote learning.

We focus on how leaders are supporting their staff through this time, but also where they are finding their own support, what tools they are using and what other leaders can learn from their experience.

We hope it leaves you feeling hopeful and re-energised with ideas on how you can tackle these challenges and support your teams in new ways.  

Listen to the trailer or hop into the episodes below:



Mat Tinkler

Episode one: Learning to be vulnerable while Leading Generous Teams

In our first episode, we speak with Mat Tinkler, deputy CEO and director of policy and international programs at Save the Children.

Caroline Liuzzi headshot

Episode two: Slowing down to go faster

This week’s episode of Leading Generous Teams features Creative Art Therapy Australia (CATA) CEO Caroline Liuzzi.

Jane Hill

Episode three: COVID-19 turns charity CEO into ‘chief morale officer’

This week’s episode of Leading Generous Teams features Ovarian Cancer Australia CEO Jane Hill.

Ronni Kahn

Episode four: The unsaid power of permission in leadership

This week’s episode of Leading Generous Teams features OzHarvest founder and CEO Ronni Kahn AO.

Michael Graham

Episode five: Maintaining connections and taking a break

This week’s episode of Leading Generous Teams features Victorian Aboriginal Health Service (VAHS) CEO Michael Graham.

Rhian Miller

Episode six: Using your imagination and being in the driver's seat

In the final episode of this series of Leading Generous Teams, we speak to Rhian Miller from AIME.


Meet your host

Clare Desira headshot


Leading Generous Teams is hosted by Clare Desira, the founder of Top Five Movement – an organisation that has flipped the script on change mindset, resilience and leadership training for thousands of people across 40 countries.





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