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Two men hug in a field. One is wearing a black shirt and has a beard and dark hair; the other man is embracing his head and neck from the side and is wearing a white shirt.

‘A really big wake up call’: documenting the experiences of LGBTQIA+ refugees

Danielle Kutchel, Wednesday, 29th March 2023 -  The report has shed light on what forcibly displaced LGBTQIA+ people experience in Australia, and what can be done to improve their experience.
A rainbow Pride flag representing the LGBTQIA+ community, being waved in front of an old looking building.

Rotary takes Pride in becoming inclusive

Danielle Kutchel, Wednesday, 15th March 2023 -  The face of Rotary is changing thanks to an internal movement to create safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ members.

Youth matters

Look beyond the glitter and Pride is far from the perfect party

Jacob Gamble, Tuesday, 28th February 2023 -  When corporate pinkwashing becomes the norm, and the safety of the most marginalised members of our community is ignored, we know pride has some soul searching to do. 


Playing ball

Nevena Spirovska, Monday, 20th February 2023 -  Some sporting clubs are showing how working with community can result in more effective inclusivity for LGBITQ+ players.


Pride Midsumma Nevena Spirovska

Parties with purpose and why Pride is as important as ever

Nevena Spirovska, Monday, 23rd January 2023 -  As Midsumma Festival kicks off in Victoria, Nevena Spirovska reflects on the important part that parties play in the Pride movement.

Into the rainbow

Leading with respect this holiday season

Nevena Spirovska, Monday, 12th December 2022 -  There are some small, but meaningful, ways you can make your LGBTIQA+ friends and family feel more comfortable at the end-of-year parties, writes Nevena Spirovska.


Jeans too big to fit woman

Resisting the beige

Felicity Green, Monday, 14th November 2022 -  Felicity Green examines how a one-size-fits-all strategy can end up being the wrong fit. 


Transgender Awareness Flag

Transgender Awareness Week: When actions speak louder than words

Nevena Spirovska, Monday, 7th November 2022 -  Nevena Spirovska asks what the for-purpose sector can do to promote the inclusion, affirmation, and celebration of trans and gender diverse people.


Two hats

Leadership lesson

Nevena Spirovska, Monday, 10th October 2022 -  Within the drama around the appointment and resignation of Andrew Thorburn to Essendon Football Club’s top job is an important lesson about leadership.


Nevena LGBTIQ+ Monkeypox Stigma

Monkeypox in Australia: what the social sector needs to know

Nevena Spirovska, Monday, 8th August 2022 -  We can acknowledge that the majority of transmissions of monkeypox virus are within a specific community without creating or adding to stigma, writes Nevena Spirovska. 
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