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(AS800) Yallambee Aged Care – CEO

Organisation : Brooker Consulting

Work type : Full-time

Profession : CEO & Senior Management

Sector : Aged Care & Seniors

Salary type : Annual Package

About the role

  • Quality aged care - Regional lifestyle benefits

Quality aged care – Regional lifestyle benefits
Yallambee Aged Care in Traralgon has 120 nursing home beds, and 96 retirement units on site. Its 160 staff pride themselves on offering ageing in place, dementia care and respite support in an environment of genuine community engagement.
You will work with a dedicated Board in ensuring the organisation’s long term sustainability through the judicious stewardship of Yallambee’s human, fiscal and physical assets. Your strategic leadership embodies business acumen, external and internal communication, effective management of risk, compliance and accreditation, all founded on an unswerving commitment to resident welfare.

An experienced senior executive, you have a glowing record of success, ideally in health, community health and/or residential aged care, gained in a regional setting. Financially literate, you thrive in promoting your facility to its local and broader stakeholder base.

Position Description

Yallambee Traralgon Village for the Aged Inc. is a community service offering residential aged care facilities in its Margery Cole complex as well as an Independent Living Village. The Margery Cole facility offering includes ageing in place, dementia and respite care. Yallambee is operated under the control of a Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors is committed to the provision of quality care, a home-like environment, the protection and promotion of residents’ rights and to continuous improvement in all areas of endeavour. As a community based organisation, it seeks to engage the local community in the life and support of residents.
Reporting Relationship
The position reports directly to the Board of Directors.
Direct Reports
Business Services Manager, Customer Services Manager and Manager, Clinical Care
Relevant tertiary qualifications such as health administration/management or business management.
Significant experience in health and/or aged care including current experience at a senior level.
Significant administrative experience including budget management.
Cognisant of the Residential Aged Care Accreditation Standards and consistently meets the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency outcomes.
Evidence of appropriate formal and informal study on topics relevant to [CK1] aged care.
Effective team leadership experience.

  •    Must be preserved at all times in the execution of this position.

Key Competencies   

  • Significant operational experience in health or aged care at a senior level.
  • Possess the ability to shape strategic thinking, communicate with influence and support sound decision making by the Board of Directors.
  • Capacity to manage an operational budget – within agreed parameters. (The person must show a capacity to achieve a balance between financial and care considerations and achieve required budget outcomes).
  • Sound understanding of quality systems, continuous improvement models and the requirements for Accreditation in aged care.
  • Demonstrated capacity to recruit, educate, manage and motivate staff and to develop innovative staff models capable of delivering quality care in a cost-effective manner.
  • Well-developed understanding of the rights and needs of residents and their families and a demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively with all key stakeholders.
  • Evidence of a capacity for innovation and development of new and flexible models of care and service delivery.
  • Policy development and policy management experience.
  • Experience with Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management at an operational management level.
  • Knowledge of and user familiarity with relevant IT systems, for example, Microsoft and specific aged care applications.
  • Commitment to and experience of the development of sound and innovative Occupational Health and Safety policies and practices.
  • Ability to build and develop effective, cohesive relationships with other leaders within the organisation.
  • Foster and maintain co-operative relationships with community groups and associations, and other service providers including those within the aged care sector and local Hospitals.

Key Duties:
1. To liaise with and report to the Board of Directors. The CEO will:

  • Maintain a close working relationship with the Board of Directors to assist in achieving strategic outcomes in line with Yallambee’s vision.
  • Provide regular briefings on the operations of Yallambee and any matters of concern which arise from general operations.
  • Attend all ordinary meetings of the Board of Directors as a non-voting participant.
  • Liaise with the Chairperson of the Board, or delegate, with respect to items for inclusion on the agenda of meetings.
  • Provide a comprehensive report to each meeting of the Board covering all key facets of the operations of Yallambee.
  • Provide advice to the Board on matters pertaining to the effective day-to-day operations of Yallambee including, but not limited to, opportunities for improvement in performance, resident welfare, staffing, marketing, finance, admissions, policies and procedures, building and grounds maintenance etc.

2. To provide effective and efficient management of all Yallambee functions. The CEO will:.

  • Ensure Yallambee operates within the governance policy framework established by the Board of Directors;
  • Make sure that structures and operational policies and procedures are in place to maintain appropriate care and support for residents;
  • Ensure that the day-to-day financial affairs of Yallambee are managed prudently and efficiently;
  • All relevant legislative and statutory obligations are met; and
  • All persons using the facilities and services of Yallambee are encouraged to respect the rights of others and to live and work together in communal harmony.

3. To be responsible for the financial management of Yallambee and co-operate fully with those persons appointed by the Board to provide financial management services to Yallambee. The CEO will:

  • Ensure that income is optimised through rigorous attention to the proper classification of residents and the maintenance of appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Ensure that staffing levels are, at all times, maintained within budget parameters.
  • Ensure that day-to-day expenditure is maintained within budget parameters.
  • Execute his/her duties in such a manner as to ensure that budgets are met.
  • Participate in the budget and financial reporting process and will be required to provide input with respect to key areas of expenditure.
  • Ensure that appropriate records are maintained within Yallambee in support of finance, payroll, resident classifications and other supporting documentation

 4. To develop and maintain strong working relationships with external  stakeholders. The CEO will:

  • Seek out and utilise networking opportunities to liaise with State and Commonwealth Government Departments, peak bodies and industry leaders.   
  • Liaise with industrial relations consultants, and other consultants as required, to support sound policy development.
  • Demonstrate commitment to community focused service provision through a willingness to engage with universities, training organisations, local businesses and wider community members.
  • In consultation with the Board of Directors, be the principal contact point for liaison with the community and will ensure that the profile and image of Yallambee is maintained at an appropriately high level at all times.
  • Monitor, analyse and advise the Board of the service-needs trends of the local and regional community.

  5. To liaise with and be responsive to residents and their families. The CEO will:

  • Be the principal contact point for liaison with residents and their families or representatives.
  • Ensure that he/she is accessible to residents and their families/representatives and be responsive in a timely and professional manner.

  6. To ensure Margery Cole meets the ongoing requirements for Accreditation under the Aged Care Act 1997 and that appropriate professional relationships are maintained with relevant industry and representative bodies. The CEO will:

  • Ensure that Yallambee complies with the ongoing requirements for maintenance of Accreditation by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency under the Aged Care Act 1997.
  • Participate in the affairs of appropriate industry representative bodies, such as LASA and ACSA where such participation is of demonstrable benefit to Yallambee.

  7. To maintain appropriate administration systems. The CEO will:

  • Ensure that appropriate systems, structures and resources are in place to provide effective and efficient management and reporting of administrative matters.

  8. To undertake all required waiting list management, admission and        discharge functions to optimise occupancy levels and ensure the            ongoing welfare of residents. The CEO will:

  • Be responsible for the maintenance of optimal occupancy levels within Yallambee.
  • Ensure the maintenance of an effective waiting list, liaison with the regional Aged Care Assessment Service and such other tasks as may be required to make sure that admissions are executed efficiently.
  • Ensure that all admissions comply with statutory requirements, optimise the financial position of Yallambee, and to respond appropriately to the needs of incoming residents.

  9. To ensure the maintenance and delivery of an effective program of        care which is based on the assessed needs of residents and a                  commitment to the maintenance of independence, delivered in an          effective and efficient manner. The CEO will, either directly or in an        overseeing capacity:

  • Liaise with incoming residents and their families/representatives to facilitate a smooth transition into residential or village life.
  • Assess all residents under the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI).
  • Develop, document and maintain written care plans for each resident to deliver effective care. This shall be done in consultation with the residents and/or their families/representatives.
  • Provide on-going clinical support to residents, including liaison with medical practitioners, allied health professionals and service providers.
  • Supervise the medication regime within Margery Cole including maintenance of appropriate medication systems and records, liaison with prescribing practitioners, pharmacies and other suppliers, plus supervision of other staff.
  • Monitor the dietary requirements of residents and liaise with kitchen staff regarding dietary issues.
  • Do such other things as may be required from time to time to ensure the well-being and quality of life of residents while, at all times, respecting their right to make independent decisions.
  • Ensure that all residents have equitable access to care and support and that they are aware of the scope of services provided within Margery Cole.
  • Ensure that ‘duty of care’ obligations are appropriately discharged throughout Margery Cole, that legislative and statutory obligations are met and that the requirements for on-going Accreditation by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, under the Aged Care Act 1997 are in place.

10. To provide appropriate human resource management throughout Yallambee. The CEO will:

  • Make sure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place throughout Yallambee with respect to human resource management – including occupational health and safety.
  • Be responsible for the recruitment, training, orientation and performance evaluation of all staff within Yallambee and will ensure that policies and procedures are in place with respect to statutory and regulatory compliance in this area.
  • Ensure that direct reporting staff are provided with effective supervision and that such staff are adequately supported in the performance of their duties.
  • Make sure that all staff are treated with respect and that the workplace is a positive one, free from harassment or discrimination.  
  1. To manage the appointment of and provide supervision for all contractors providing goods and/or services to Yallambee. (Appointments relating to capital works shall be the domain of the Board). The CEO will:
  • Make sure that the appointment of contractors providing goods and/or services to Yallambee is cost-effective and undertaken in a fair and equitable manner and that the terms and conditions of such appointments are documented and available for perusal by the Board.
  • Ensure that all persons providing services to Yallambee (contractors) are appropriately supervised and that work is conducted efficiently and within agreed financial and performance criteria.
  • Where appropriate, delegate supervision of contractors to other responsible persons within Yallambee, provided that appropriate monitoring and reporting mechanisms are in place.

11. To ensure the appropriate maintenance and development of the built infrastructure to see to it that resident and staff safety, resident lifestyle and certification requirements be assured. The CEO will:

  • Monitor the environment and identify maintenance and development tasks and programs consistent with good care and quality, ensuring a safe and “home-like” environment for residents and staff.
  1. Facilitate effective maintenance with staff and contractors within budget parameters.
  2. Advise the Board of Directors on building development/modification as required, to address certification, accreditation, and other regulatory compliance requirements.
  3. Facilitate costings, advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors in relation to building modifications.

Term of Appointment
The appointment to the CEO position will be by contract for an initial three-year period. There will be a performance review after the first six-month period, and annually thereafter. The performance review will be based on key performance indicators tied to the position description and objectives established in the Board’s Strategic Plan.

About the organisation

Organisation Name : Brooker Consulting

How to apply


Please quote in application: (AS800) Yallambee Aged Care - CEO via Pro Bono Australia.

Profession: #CEO_and_Senior_Management
Sector: #Aged_Care_and_Seniors

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