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(AS823) Omeo District Health Service

Organisation : Omeo District Health Service

Work type : Full-time

Profession : CEO & Senior Management

Sector : Health – Hospitals & Medical Centres

Salary type : Annual Package

About the organisation

Organisation Name : Omeo District Health Service

About the role

  • Lifestyle opportunity for an avid skier/mountain biker

Omeo District Health has the benefit of being located in one of regional Victoria’s most picturesque landscapes. Situated between the mountains and the sea, the role offers a balance of lifestyle and career opportunity.

Since 1891, Omeo District Health has met the needs of the people of the East Gippsland High Country, through the provision of acute, sub-acute, medical, dental, allied health, ancillary, home based and residential aged care services. Fully accredited, Omeo District Health is the largest employer in the District.

In promoting and enhancing the health and wellbeing of the region, you will work with the board to implement its 2018-2023 Strategic Plan, which focuses on community engagement, service quality, workforce development, sustainability, governance, partnerships and alliances.

A proven leader and manager in regional health and/or aged care service delivery, you have demonstrable experience working well with boards and local communities. Your financial skills are backed up with change management expertise and the presence and influence to build lasting stakeholder relationships.

The Organisation

To promote and enhance the health and wellbeing of the people of the East Gippsland High Country

Healthy Community
Reach out to our local rural community in the planning and delivering of our services

Quality Care & Safety
Deliver first class care to our clients, community and key stakeholders

People & Culture
Build a highly engaged and skilled team of health care professionals and volunteers with a commitment to creating a culture of achievement and service excellence

Sustainable Services
Develop a fully sustainable health care service model to fund future growth and investment in new markets and emerging technologies

Effective Governance
Create a comprehensive and accessible governance framework that ensures compliance with our legislative, ethical and statutory obligations

Collaborative Partnerships
Invest in strategic partnerships and alliances that allow us to achieve better outcomes for our service    

Wellbeing: Maintain a health balance of work, rest and play

Empathy: Show compassion and understanding for the perspectives and experience of others

Creativity: Encourage new ideas, explore ways to innovate

Accountability: Act with Integrity. Take responsibility for our decisions and actions

Resourcefulness: Be responsive in overcoming challenging circumstances

Excellence: Expect, recognise and reward excellence
At ODH we are an equal opportunity employer offering a totally smoke free workplace

The Position

The CEO works in partnership with the Board to implement the Vision, Mission and strategic direction of the health service.
The CEO is responsible for the executive leadership, operational and clinical management of Omeo District Health in accordance with the health service’s Statement of Priorities and for ensuring that the resources are well managed and sustainable.
The CEO is accountable for implementing internal controls and systems to ensure compliance and high quality safe care that meets the needs of the community and promote a positive inclusive culture that both supports and ensures staff accountability.

The CEO position performs the function of Chief Procurement Officer for ODH and has oversight responsibility for compliance with regard to all procurement activity

Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • In consultation with the board, executive, staff and the community, prepare a Strategic Plan, Mission, values objectives and a strategic operational plan.
  • Deliver agreed strategic goals on time and on budget.
  • Develop and manage the health service’s financial and business plans, strategies and budgets for approval by the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure the BOD is regularly provided with performance reports for consideration and advice on operational and financial matters that may impact the health service statement of priorities, strategic plans, business plans, strategies and budgets.
  • Ensure the BOD and its committees are assisted and provided with relevant and timely information to enable them to perform their functions efficiently and effectively.
  • Implement effective and accountable systems to monitor the quality and effectiveness of health services provided.
  • Ensure the health service continuously strives to improve the quality of the healthcare it provides and foster innovation, learning and professional growth.
  • Ensure the BOD’s decisions are implemented effectively and efficiently throughout the health service.
  • Ensure the needs and views of consumers and other users of the health service are considered in the ongoing development of the service.
  • Ensure that the operations and activities of the health service are compliant with relevant legislative frameworks, applicable by-laws, regulations, governance arrangements, policies and sound business practices.
  • Work within the VPSC Code of Conduct and the Instrument of Delegation.

Health Services and Partnership Relevant to the Community

  • Provide advocacy for the Omeo region at local, state and national forums and keep abreast of national and state contemporary health issues and policy initiatives.
  • Actively represent ODH in the community, with the media, government and other health care providers on matters relating to the health service.
  • Ensure awareness of the ongoing needs and expectations of the community.
  • Contribute to area based health planning initiatives and activities that address the health needs of the local population.
  • Actively partner with other local and regional health organisations to strengthen service availability, service coordination and delivery.

Organisational and Service Development

  • Identify innovative funding sources and opportunities including development of grant proposals and fundraising[JT3][JT4]  initiatives.
  • Ensure the organisation is in a position to take advantage of service opportunities
  • Ensure that these opportunities are underpinned by a business case that identifies benefits, risks, costs and issues of sustainability

Financial Management

  • Coordinate the ongoing review of existing programs and services to ensure efficiency is maximised and opportunities for better value service delivery identified.
  • Coordinate the monthly preparation of financial, performance and service delivery indicator reports in a timely manner and in accordance with BOD requirements.
  • Encourage active involvement of key ODH staff in the development, implementation and monitoring of annual budgets and program operational plans.
  • Ensure compliance with the Financial Management Act
  • Ensure the appropriate and effective internal control systems are in place to satisfy the Board and the Auditor General’s Office.

Workforce and People Management

  • Optimise workforce productivity through identification and implementation of workforce models that enhance individual and team capacity and support flexibility.
  • Promote an organisational culture that encourages trust, initiative, innovation, change and best practice.
  • Ensure that comprehensive human resources policies and procedures are current and available to all staff.
  • Oversee the ongoing development of position descriptions and the Performance Management Plan and review process for all ODH employees.
  • Promote and participate in the ongoing staff development and learning programs tailored to the individual needs of the ODH workforce.
  • Ensure staff are aware of their professional responsibilities and legal obligations.
  • Maintain effective communication across the organisation via regular staff meetings, informal discussion and promotion of team activities.
  • Provide visible commitment to a healthy and safe work environment by ensuring documentation of appropriate policies, procedures and work instructions in accordance with OH&S legislative requirements.

Deliver Quality, Safe and Accessible Services

  • Ensure a culture and practice of patient safety and quality, consistent with the DHHS Clinical Governance Guidelines and best practice, is maintained as a priority across the health service.
  • Ensure that clinical care is planned, delivered and evaluated based on comprehensive assessment of patient / client needs and best practice.
  • Oversee the ongoing development and evaluation of the ODH Quality Improvement / Clinical Governance Program.
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with accreditation standards including ACSQH NSQHS Standards, AACQA, RACGP AGPAL, CHSP Home Care Common Standards and DHS Disability Services[JT6] .
  • Ensure client records for all services and programs are accurately maintained in accordance with the relevant guidelines.
  • Monitor patient / client and community feedback to ensure that services are provided in accordance with their assessed individual needs and the requirements of individual programs.
  • Ensure complaints are investigated, documented and managed in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Ensure comprehensive and current policies, procedures and guidelines are available for staff to reference.
  • Ensure that ongoing credentialing processes for clinical care staff are completed in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Ensure appropriate facilities and equipment are available and safely maintained.
  • Promote the further development of e-health and communications technology.

Risk Management

  • Oversee the ongoing development, implementation and evaluation of the ODH Risk Management Plan and provide regular reports to the BOD.
  • Maintain a risk register that includes the risk mitigation strategies and is regularly presented to the board and the organisation
  • Ensure appropriate risk management controls, systems and processes are implemented, maintained and regularly reviewed, to identify and mitigate the risks

Organisational Keys

Customer Service

  • Deliver services that reflect the Organisation’s mission statement and values with a strong focus and commitment to Customer Service.

Privacy, Dignity & Confidentiality

  • Recognise and respect each Resident’s/Patient’s/Client’s right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to and understanding of the Information Privacy Principles concerned with empowering individuals to manage, as far as practicable, the collection, use and dissemination of personal information about themselves.

Team Contribution

  • Demonstrate commitment to co-operation and a team approach, while exhibiting a positive, strong personal contribution to maximising the performance outcomes of the relevant program / area and ODH as an organisation.

Legislation, Regulations and Standards

  • Comply with the requirements and compliance responsibilities of relevant legislation, regulations and standards where they directly impact on the service activity and delivery of care.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Ensure that work practices are carried out in accordance to the Occupational Health & Safety policies of the organisation.
  • Promote a safe working environment by identifying and reporting hazards.

     Infection Control

  • All employees have knowledge of Infection Control policies, located on Prompt, and legislation. Employees will assess the risk of any potential infectious incident and utilise the appropriate action as outlined in ODH policies.

Quality and Safety

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the delivery of safe and high quality services.
  • Demonstrate a focus on partnering with consumers in the planning, delivery and evaluation of services and care, by actively seeking feedback and engaging consumers in their care planning as appropriate to the role.
  • Ensure all activities are in accordance with the following standards as applicable to the employee’s work area:
  • o National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (organisation wide);
  • o Aged Care Standards (Lewington House);
  • o Home Care Common Standards (Home and Community Care);
  • o Department of Human Services Standards (Disability Support);
  • o Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Standards (Medical Centre).
  • Actively participate in the Omeo District Health quality improvement program and accreditation processes against the above standards, as appropriate to the role.
  • Be confidently able to complete an incident report and submit a quality activity in Riskman.
  • Be able to identify risks and follow the Omeo District Health Risk Management Policy and Procedure.
  • Have, or participate in, processes to monitor and evaluate the performance of the services provided.

Professional Development

  • Participate in annual performance review and development program.
  • Maintain the knowledge required for the performance of the position.
  • Attend ODH Mandatory Education Training annually.

Risk Assessment / Job Analysis 
Under Occupational Health and Safety, potential risks associated with this position are detailed below. Employee familiarity and compliance with emergency procedure codes apply to all areas of the organisation.
Aspects of Normal Workplace

Work Environment

  • Manage demanding and changing workloads and competing priorities.
  • Work flexibly, with the possibility of extended hours.
  • Sitting at the computer or in meetings for extended periods of time.
  • Work in a team environment and at times independently.
  • Work in locations geographically separated from the main facility.
  • Exposure to Substances. Hazardous substances are part of the hospital workplace (e.g. blood). Protective equipment and procedures are in place to prevent contact.

Work Activity

  • Undertake administrative tasks including intensive computer / keyboard work, filing, writing, participating in meetings, concentrating for long periods of time (regular, daily basis)
  • Use of technology including photocopiers, telephones including mobiles, fax, overhead projectors, televisions, video, electronic white boards, drill presses and guillotines.
  • Undertake manual handling of equipment (eg, lifting, pulling, pushing, transferring, twisting) on a daily basis.
  • Participation in hazard identification and improvement strategies.

Work relationships

  • Work within a team environment
  • Professional interaction with medical, nursing and admin staff
  • Interact with colleagues and other hospital staff
  • Interact with members of the public
  • Interact with patients and relatives

Key Selection Criteria   
Omeo District Health is an equal opportunity employer. ODH has adopted a common set of values across the organisation and developed associated behaviours around these values. Selection will be based on assessing demonstrated performance of the skills, knowledge, behaviours and other personal qualifications relevant to the role.
Essential Attributes

  • Significant leadership and experience in health or a health related sector.
  • Ability to implement, monitor and report on the strategic directions of an organisation
  • Practical experience in workforce management and the ability to develop and lead a culture of staff engagement and performance that promotes a positive and safe patient experience consistent with the organisational values.
  • Strong financial and risk management skills with a thorough understanding of the funding mechanisms including the monitoring and reporting requirements of the state and commonwealth departments
  • Clear understanding of clinical governance systems and processes and the ability to actively manage and mitigate clinical risks.
  • Strategic and practical understanding of the key role the health service has in improving and supporting a healthy community through engagement.
  • Demonstrated ability to network and build partnerships that improve the health of the community.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage workloads and priorities to deliver the required outcomes.

Highly Desirable

  • Post graduate qualification in Business Administration or Public Health 


  • Valid Victorian Driver licence.
  • Current National Police Check.

How to apply


Please quote in application: (AS823) Omeo District Health Service via Pro Bono Australia.

Profession: #CEO_and_Senior_Management
Sector: #Health_–_Hospitals_and_Medical_Centres



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