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Careers Terms and Conditions


In order to best maintain the high quality standards of our jobs board, we have introduced the following terms, conditions and guidelines. 

Depending on use, many of these will not impact current use by clients, so instead, serve as guidance and transparency into our processes. 

By posting on our board, clients acknowledge that they understand and will abide by the following.


Listing posts

1. Each listing can only contain one Job role.

1.1. If more than one position is contained within a single listing, Pro Bono Australia reserves the right to remove the listing and will, if requested, refund a credit.

2. Pro Bono Australia may modify listing information such as the position title, formatting, logo, and organisation name to best represent the listed position and standardise the listings on our site.

2.1. Examples for position title include, changing CEO to Chief Executive Officer, and removing the organisation name or Job identifier code from the position title.

2.2. Change formatting of the job listing to best suit our website in cases where the listing information is not appearing properly.

2.2. Move information within listings to the relevant sections (eg, Apply now, or About Us) where the information has been incorrectly placed.

3. A listing must contain the logo of the organisation the listing is for.

3.1. Where this term is not met, Pro Bono Australia has the ability to update the logo without consent from the poster.

3.2.Pro Bono Australia does not take responsibility if this logo is incorrect, or is not the desired logo of the poster. The poster can modify this logo at any time by editing their listing.

3.3. Recruitment agencies must include logos of the advertised organisation, with the exception of confidential listings (such as an anonymous hire).

4. Pro Bono Australia reserves the right to remove listings deemed inappropriate or doesn’t abide by the ethos of the Jobs board as defined by our organisation. If removed, the client can request a refund to the used credit.

5. Clients are responsible for ensuring the links on their listing are functioning correctly.

5.1. To enable client tracking of applications external to our website, we append “utm_source=pbajobs” to the end of all ‘Apply Now’ URLs that leave our site.

5.1.1 We do not take any responsibility for any issues regarding the functionality of your link due to this, however, should there be any problems we can resolve this within two (2) business days if contacted at This functionality has been assessed to a wide range of existing links, with known non-compatible URLs whitelisted.


Social media posts tied to a listing

6. Where applicable, Pro Bono Australia will create and publish social media posts on your behalf.

7. The content of these posts will be sourced from the relevant listing.

8. Pro Bono Australia does not require any approval from the listing creator before publishing these posts.

9. In peak times, social media posts may take up to ten (10) days from the listing going live to be published. This is rare, and will commonly take only three (3) or four (4) days.

10. Posters who choose to remove (‘expire’) positions prior to Pro Bono Australia making the social media posts, forfeit their social posts.


Permissions to use data

11. Pro Bono Australia has the ability to use data associated with your listing, including but not limited to sectors, categories, titles, organisations, listing content, and images solely for Pro Bono Australia’s own data collation and marketing purposes.


Please also refer to our more extended site Terms and Conditions here  

And our general site Legals here included our general Advertising Terms and Conditions. 


Changes to these Terms and Conditions

If we decide to change our Terms and Conditions we will post the changes here. If the changes are significant, we may also choose to email all our registered users with the new details. 

The most recent changes to these Terms and Conditions were made on:

22 October 2021


If you have any questions or feedback regarding any of the above, please contact us at

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