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Mentor the Treasurer

About this Program

CPA Australia, in partnership with Pro Bono Australia, is now offering qualified CPA Australia members the opportunity to add value to the community through the Mentor the Treasurer program.

The primary goals of the Mentor the Treasurer Program are to help small, Not for Profit organisations better manage their funds, achieve financial independence and more easily find a suitable reviewer or auditor with a minimum of fuss. The Program aims to achieve this through the mentoring relationship, whereby the Mentor guides the volunteer Treasurer in the maintenance of sound financial records and the preparation of sound financial statements.

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* Mentors must be a qualified
CPA Australia member

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* Mentees must be an
Australian based NFP

How does it work?

Through this unique program qualified CPA Australia members are able to volunteer their time and expertise to small Not for Profit organisations’ (NFP’s) treasurers needing guidance and support in their roles.

Helping NFP Organisations

As an NFP organisation, participation in the program offers treasurers the opportunity to benefit from CPA Australia members’ professional support and guidance which in turn enables the acquisition of new skills and knowledge to fulfill the requirements of the treasurer role.

Opportunities for CPA Australia members

As a CPA Australia member, participation in the program offers you the opportunity to share your expertise and benefit from the rewards of being involved in an NFP organisation. You will be able to build and broaden your skill-sets and your personal and professional networks along with gaining valuable insights in to different NFP organisations and activities.

CPA Australia's partnership philosophy

As part of our partnership philosophy, CPA Australia reminds you that professional indemnity insurance is complimentary for members performing voluntary or pro-bono accounting services in the community anywhere in the world.


Mentoring eager people is a very rewarding experience. Helping to expand their knowledge, giving them the confidence to tackle more challenging tasks, and watching them develop and enjoy a previously-daunting role gives me, as a mentor, at least as much satisfaction as my mentees have enjoyed.

Lindsay Doig

Having a great mentor played an important role in the development of my professional career, particularly in my promotion to a senior level manager. My mentor transferred a wealth of wisdom in my life…to be unique, and to look at work in a positive manner and be enthusiastic about learning, to plan ahead, be motivated, empowered and display a positive outlook to life. My mentor caused influential people to be interested in my career development, sought career opportunities and removed the weaknesses in my professional life.


More Info


See the list of answers to frequently asked questions. Relevant to both Volunteers and Mentors who are interested in the program.

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Mentor Guide

Download the comprehensive guide to gain a better understanding of the program and to understand the support is available for Mentors.

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Mentee Guide

Download the comprehensive guide to gain a better understanding of the program and to understand the support is available for Mentees.

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Understand your rights and expectations by downloading the Mentor the Treasurer Rules and Regulation PDF.



A number of documents, guidelines and templates to guide you through the Mentor the Treasurer partnership.


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