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Reflections On Social Enterprise: Has it Lost its Way?

Alan Kay, Wednesday, 4th July 2018 -  Alan Kay, from the Social Audit Network, reflects on the changes that have happened in the social enterprise sector over the last three decades as he contemplates his retirement.


Social Impact and Inequality

Alan Kay, Tuesday, 5th June 2018 -  For social enterprises to seek a solution to combat gross inequality there has to be a greater understanding of the inequality, writes Alan Kay from the Social Audit Network. “As long


Resurrecting a Positive Role for the Much-maligned Notion of ‘Social Capital’

Alan Kay, Wednesday, 2nd May 2018 -  Alan Kay, from the Social Audit Network, makes the case for a rethink of what we mean by social capital. “Social capital describes the networks together with shared norms, values and


Social Impact and Challenging The ‘Sacred Cow’ of How Financial Accounts Are Presented

Alan Kay, Tuesday, 6th February 2018 -  Changing the way financial accounts are presented to show the amount of time, money and resources that have been used by social enterprises in furthering their social and community

Social Impact and the Argument Against Unqualified Growth

Alan Kay, Wednesday, 10th January 2018 -  Social enterprises should judge their success or failure, not in terms of growth, but in terms of positive, qualitative social change, writes Alan Kay, from the Social Audit Network.


What Is the Role of Funders in Social Impact Matters?

Alan Kay, Wednesday, 15th March 2017 -  Often philanthropists are not familiar or experienced enough in local issues to be dictating how social impact is reported, writes Alan Kay, coordinator of the UK’s Social Audit

Social Impact: The Use of Language and Why It Matters

Alan Kay, Wednesday, 1st March 2017 -  As language is increasingly used to obscure truth, Alan Kay, coordinator of the UK’s Social Audit Network, explains why the meaning of social impact is also at risk. In this world of


Social Impact: Should We Be Talking Process or Product?

Alan Kay, Wednesday, 16th November 2016 -  Is the destination or the journey more important when it comes to social impact reporting, asks Alan Kay, coordinator of the UK’s Social Audit Network. I was reminded recently of the

Social Impact Reporting and Marketing: A Hazy Divide?

Alan Kay, Wednesday, 10th August 2016 -  Social impact reporting should not only be a marketing exercise, writes Alan Kay coordinator of the UK’s Social Audit Network.
“Marketing is manipulation and deceit. It tries to



Looking Into the Future Development of Social Impact

Alan Kay, Wednesday, 29th June 2016 -  Opinion: Alan Kay, from the United Kingdom’s Social Audit Network, paints a bleak picture of the world’s future, where capitalism wreaks havoc on society. But, he writes, hope lies


Putting A Financial Figure on all the Impacts Made By Social Enterprise?

Staff Reporter, Wednesday, 10th February 2016 -  A social enterprise should be assessing whether or not it is performing well and what sort of beneficial social change is happening as a result of its activities and “financialising”


Assessing Social Enterprise Impact – Are We Looking at the Right Stuff?

Alan Kay, Wednesday, 27th January 2016 -   
How can social enterprises ensure they are maximising their social and environmental impact? Alan Kay, coordinator of the UK’s Social Audit Network, explores “social accounting”
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