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Businesses on notice as ACCC sweeps covers off greenwashing

Danielle Kutchel, Friday, 3rd March 2023 -  The ACCC will investigate after uncovering evidence of widespread greenwashing. The ACCC has indicated it’s not taking any prisoners after an internet sweep for greenwashing activity

ASIC launches first greenwashing court action

Isabelle Oderberg, Tuesday, 28th February 2023 -  A superannuation fund offering sustainable investments that allegedly invested money in fossil fuel companies, gambling entities and alcohol makers is facing court action by

New government policies target greenwashing

Ruby Kraner-Tucci, Monday, 12th December 2022 -  A raft of new policies aimed at increasing transparency and accountability will be rolled out by the federal government. A new comprehensive sustainable finance strategy and climate

Greenwashing crackdown continues

Ruby Kraner-Tucci, Monday, 5th December 2022 -  ASIC issues a second fine for alleged greenwashing, as a new report finds Australia is lagging behind in ESG transparency. The Australian branch of global investment management

ACCC launches investigation into greenwashing

Samantha Freestone, Tuesday, 4th October 2022 -  The competition watchdog launches two internet sweeps to identify companies making “misleading environmental and sustainability marketing claims and fake or misleading online

ACCC will “not hesitate” to take enforcement action on greenwashing

Samantha Freestone, Tuesday, 20th September 2022 -   The competition watchdog is warning businesses not to claim their products and services are environmentally friendly unless they can prove it. The Australian Competition and Consumer

Definitions of ESG products and investments should be legislated

Samantha Freestone, Monday, 8th August 2022 -  Senior ASIC executive says government should make the call on labels and definitions for environmental, social, and governance investments.  Definitions of ESG products and investments

ASIC releases greenwashing guide: could mandatory international reporting be on the horizon?

Samantha Freestone, Monday, 20th June 2022 -  Sustainable investment is big business, likely to exceed US$53 trillion globally by 2025. It is time to streamline ESG reporting in Australia to avoid greenwashing and ASIC is doing

Millennials driving growth in impact investment in Australia

Samantha Freestone, Tuesday, 14th June 2022 -  A survey of over 1,000 Australians highlighted millennials are the generation most interested in impact investing – with greenwashing remaining an issue for all investors. Millennials

Keeping up appearances?

David Ritter, Monday, 21st June 2021 -  Greenpeace Australia Pacific CEO David Ritter reflects on the outcome of AGL’s recent law-suit against the charity and the widespread media coverage it generated.  At the heart
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