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Chief Executive Officers

The CEO plays a crucial role in driving the success of any organisation. They’re tasked with implementing the Board’s strategy, driving the organisational mission, ensuring financial stability, and fostering a talented and motivated team of professionals and volunteers. In many cases, CEOs in the community sector also spearhead fundraising efforts.

Ensure your organisation stays competitive by accessing our comprehensive CEO Salary Survey report today.

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For over a decade, the Pro Bono Australia Salary Survey has meticulously examined CEO roles and their compensation levels, making us a trusted resource for both Boards and individuals.

It’s essential that CEO salaries reflect the value they bring to the organisation and attract and retain the right candidates to fulfil its mission. Our survey also tracks changes in median CEO salaries and other remuneration benefits over the past year. Ensure your organisation stays competitive by accessing our comprehensive CEO Salary Survey report today.

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The Salary Survey encompasses data on a plethora of salary components, including base salaries, benefits and allowances. The latest Salary Survey noted a considerable 11 percent increase in the salaries of CEOs. Both CEOs and management boards can analyse and interpret the information contained within the report, to understand the economic condition of the role, and accommmodate any trends that have been noticed over the preceding 12 months.


The latest Salary Survey includes a holistic breakdown of CEO remuneration based on the discipline each organisation works in. CEO remuneration is highest in the Research and Medical Research sector, suggesting favourable conditions for organisations working in this area. The Salary Survey’s granular sector analysis aids management boards and CEOs in determining a remuneration package tailored to the economic landscape of their respective fields.

Operating Budget

Another factor that influences the salary of a CEO is the operating budget of the organisation. Not only will this number determine the funding available to pay senior executives, but it can also inform a board of directors of the level of remuneration that is usually paid to a CEO in an organisation of their financial standing. The majority of respondents for the CEO role worked in organisations with operating budgets of between $2 millon and $10 million.

Number of Employees

The Salary Survey classifies the level of remuneration paid to CEOs according to the size of the organisations they are employed by, with earnings for the role highest in organisations with 101 to 250 employees. The report guides CEOs towards negotiating their remuneration with their management board to ensure that it accurately reflects the leadership challenges and responsibilities inherent to the role.


Salary Survey data is meticulously segmented by the Australian state or territory each CEO’s organisation is based in. While the largest number of respondents worked in organisations based in NSW, ACT-based CEOs received the highest pay. The Salary Survey provides invaluable insights into the nuanced interactions between the physical location of a workplace and the remuneration paid to its most senior leadership role.

Tax Status

Remuneration data from respondents has also been grouped by the tax exemption status of each respondent’s organisation. The majority of organisations who contributed data to the Salary Survey have full tax exemption status, with a $30,000 gross cap. Salary Survey data allows CEOs and executive boards to understand how their company’s financial structure impacts the salary of a CEO.

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The Salary Survey for Chief Executive Officers is just the start. The full Salary Survey report contains remuneration data on 11 other major roles and 27 more specialised positions. Purchase your copy of the complete Salary Survey report here!

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“Pro Bono Australia’s Salary Survey delivers a robust evidence base which can be trusted by boards, CEOs and managers to guide them when reviewing vital remuneration decisions.

When you purchase a Salary Survey, you’ll also be helping us continue our social impact by keeping services such as Pro Bono News free and accessible to all. Our services have a social return on investment of 11:1. Thank you for your ongoing support.”

– Karen Mahlab AM, Pro Bono Australia CEO & Founder

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