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Finance Manager

The Finance Manager in a not-for-profit organisation typically holds a senior position responsible for overseeing all financial activities within the organisation. They are responsible for managing the financial health of the organisation, including budgeting, financial reporting, strategic financial planning, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. They may lead a team of finance professionals and work closely with senior management and the board of directors to make informed financial decisions that support the organisation’s mission and objectives.

Stay informed and ensure your organisation remains competitive by accessing our comprehensive Not-for-Profit Finance Manager Survey report today.

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This report is available as a digital download only.

For over a decade, the Pro Bono Australia Salary Survey has meticulously researched compensation levels for Not-for-Profit Finance Managers and Treasurers, serving as a trusted resource for both organisations and individuals. It’s essential that the salary for this role reflects its significance in maintaining financial integrity and attracting experienced professionals to the sector.

If you’re currently serving as a Not-for-Profit Finance Manager/Treasurer, our Salary Survey provides evidence-based insights into market compensation, ensuring you’re fairly remunerated for your financial management responsibilities.

For organisations seeking to recruit or retain talented Finance Managers/Treasurers, our survey offers guidance on setting competitive compensation packages to attract and retain top talent.

Our survey tracks significant changes in salaries and other remuneration benefits over the past 12 months. Remember, when comparing salaries, factors like organisation size and sector must be taken into account for accurate benchmarking.


Salary data for Finance Managers forms part of the detailed position analysis carried out by Pro Bono as part of the Salary Survey. The analysis also includes information on any salaries and bonuses offered to Finance Managers, in addition to a tracker of salary increases or decreases over time for the role.


The Salary Survey report includes information on the remuneration Finance Managers are paid by businesses in each sector surveyed. The sector analysis provides mean, median, and percentile data for the Finance Manager role in each area of work.

Operating Budget

Salary Survey data for Finance Managers is categorised according to the operating budget of each respondent’s organisation. With the Salary Survey and knowledge of your own firm’s revenue and expenditure, you can ensure the Finance Manager at your organisation is paid a fair and competitive salary.


The Salary Survey report provides insights into how the number of employees working at an organisation affects the pay of Finance Managers. This data can be used by other Finance Managers to negotiate a fair salary based on the size of their company.


Pro Bono’s Salary Survey report includes data on the earnings of Finance Managers in different Australian states and territories. The report includes mean, median and percentile data for states and territories with enough submissions for detailed analysis.

Tax Status

The Salary Survey report for Finance Managers includes data on total remuneration according to the tax exemption status of their organisation. The report notes any trends in earnings, allowing you to easily compare the total remuneration of your Finance Manager with similar positions at companies with the same tax exemption status.

Want more information on the Salary Survey report?

The Salary Survey for Finance Managers is just the start. The full Salary Survey report contains remuneration data on 11 other major roles and 27 more specialised positions. Purchase your copy of the complete Salary Survey report here!

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Why support Australia’s most trusted NFP salary report

“Pro Bono Australia’s Salary Survey delivers a robust evidence base which can be trusted by boards, CEOs and managers to guide them when reviewing vital remuneration decisions.

When you purchase a Salary Survey, you’ll also be helping us continue our social impact by keeping services such as Pro Bono News free and accessible to all. Our services have a social return on investment of 11:1. Thank you for your ongoing support.”

– Karen Mahlab AM, Pro Bono Australia CEO & Founder

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