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Wordplay Reporting


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Name: Wordplay Reporting

Phone: 0408 994 821



The One stop shop for all your Annual Reporting needs. We offer a complete suite of Annual Report services from Initial Consult, Project Management, Content Writing, Design, Financial Statement preparation and the production of your Annual Report.

About us

The One stop shop for all your Annual Reporting needs. We offer a complete suite of Annual Report services from Initial Consult, Project Management, Content Writing, Design, Financial Statement preparation and the production of your Annual Report.

We are passionate about supporting and recognising not- for -profits for all their fantastic work and social contributions of this sector.

As such we are committed to providing not -for- profits an affordable one stop shop for all your Annual Reporting needs to ensure you maximise the value of every dollar spent.

We have a team of specialists who together provide you with a complete suite of end to end Annual Report services; from complimentary client consultations, project management on all jobs, cutting edge design, content writing, photography and financial report preparation. Annual Report delivery in both printed and digital mediums. Printed mediums include; Summary Annual Review Brochures/Reports, while digital mediums include; eBooks, animated Annual Reports and infographics videos.

Our services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. We can provide one or all of our services; you decide!

Our team is a unique blend of creative industry experts and experienced CPA qualified corporate professionals who have a hands-on understanding of financial reporting, corporate governance and Annual Report preparation across the not- for- profit, public and private sectors.

We ensure excellence in Annual Reporting, through guidance provided by the Founding Director who is on the panel of adjudicators of the Australasian Reporting Award. As adjudicator, constructive feedback is provided based on criteria that serve as a benchmark for Annual Reporting to determine the award for the Annual Report of the Year as well as Silver and bronze category winners.

On this basis, we can use our experience to make sure your Annual Report does not only look innovative but it is in the running to be award winning!

So, when it comes to Annual Reports, Wordplay Reporting has you well and truly covered!

Products and services

Client Consultation

  • Obligation free on site visit
  • All quotes provided by the next business day


Project Management

  • One point of contact manages every part of the process to ensure seamless delivery
  • Extensive experience working collaboratively with clients
  • Delivery in accordance to your organisations time frames and allocated Budget
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Passionate about providing a positive client experience every time and value your feedback. We listen! and we deliver


Content Writing

  • Engaging written content that not only captures what your organisation does, but also highlights any major achievements and provides an update on the future outlook of your organisation
  • Delivery of your organisations key messages by consistently weaving your organisations message throughout the Annual Report
  • Content writing which is; readable, understandable, uses engaging headings and subheadings, a consistent tone and incorporates your organisations style guide
  • Identification of the key audience to ensure the content is pitched accordingly
  • Tailored content writing service, our writers can refine content already written or we can interview relevant stakeholders to write the entire content of your Annual Report


Design and Photography

  • Fresh and innovative design which maintains the delicate balance required to ensure your organisations Annual Report design remains professional
  • Our designs takes into account the theme we help you develop and we ensure it is consistently reflected throughout the report
  • All designs incorporate a logical structure, inviting layouts with multiple text, visual elements and info graphics to assist in communicating your organisations story and achievements
  • Photographic service providing engaging photos with a creative edge that complement your story. Alternatively, we are happy to use images which reflect your organisations brand and story



  • Financial Reporting specialists convert your audited trial balance into a statutory reporting format compliant with the latest Accounting Standards and Regulations applicable to your industry


Annual Report Production

  • Printed mediums; Summary Annual Review Brochures/Reports
  • Digital mediums; eBooks, animated Annual Reports and infographics videos
  • Mobile applications
  • Dedicated Project Manager will: –
  1. Talk you through all the paper and binding options and ensure premium print quality and colour to best meet your budget
  2. Ensure that all online reports are easy to access and navigate
  3. Discuss effective animation of your organisations Annual Report and any videos requirements

Examples of work

Burwood Council Annual Report – 2016

Note: Intermediate level of animation, more or less animation can be requested.

Rapid Relief Team Annual Report – 2016

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