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Volunteer FAQ

  • What exactly IS Pro Bono Australia?
    • Pro Bono Australia began publishing the Australian Directory of Not for Profit organisations over 20 years ago. We realised that there was more support needed for the little guys and decided to develop the idea further and evolve our company into a social purpose group. We now not only publish the Guide to Giving Directory (both in print and online) but we have a news media service with our very own journalists who provide extensive coverage on the third sector. We also have events, jobs and volunteering sections that cater specifically to Not for Profit organisations and those interested in philanthropic and social entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • What does Volunteer Match do?
    • Volunteer Match is a platform for Not for Profit organisations to advertise opportunities that require a skilled volunteer. These opportunities can range from specific tasks such as book keeping, graphic design or board positions, to guidance such as mentoring and business advice. Basically we’re a match-maker for people who want to help and organisations who need help. Nice isn’t it? More…
  • What’s the difference between a volunteer and a skilled volunteer?
    • Although all volunteers are appreciated, sometimes there is a need for Not for Profit organisations to complete a task or gain advice from someone who is experienced in that field. Therefore, a skilled volunteer can be defined as an individual that has training or experience in a specific area. A not-so-skilled volunteer is still valuable to an organisation, but can probably be used better elsewhere. There are plenty of organisations available to help match people wanting to help and organisations looking for assistance. More…
    • Have a look at the Volunteering organisations in your state to find positions available in your area.
  • I think I have some skills to offer- what do I do?
    • If you feel that you can offer some assistance to an organisation due to specific training or previous experience, you can browse through the recent volunteer opportunities posted on the Volunteer Match site or select a specific category listed on the main page. If you find a position that you’d like to be involved with, get in contact with the organisation or the person nominated on the advertisement, via email or with a quick phone call. Click here to see how.
  • I don’t think I have any skills to offer- what do I do?
    • The definition of skills can be tricky to clarify. You might have no official training but years of experience working within a specific industry. This sort of experience can be the most valuable skill of all and gratefully accepted by small organisations looking for help.
    • However if you don’t have any experience or training that is relevant to the opportunities currently posted on our website, or you don’t want to use your professional skills, you can just volunteer your time instead. There are hundreds of opportunities for people willing to give back to their communities. Some of these might include spending time with residents of a local nursing home or helping in a charity shop. Have a look at the opportunities available on some of the website below.
    • Have a look at our list of Volunteer organisations to find a service in your area.
  • I’m a mature aged person. Can I still be involved?
    • Most definitely! Mature aged people are often the best candidates to provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to small organisations looking for guidance.
    • HINT: Great Connections connects mature-aged volunteers who have professional skills and business experience with Not for Profit organisations in need of help. They provide opportunities for volunteers to be involved in on-going and one-off assignments. They are also closely connected with the Golden Gurus program, an initiate for Australia’s 50s  and over volunteers, run by the Federal Government.
  • I want to be involved in a Not for Profit organisation but would still like to be able to put food on the table…
    • We’d like to make the world a better place and help others all of the time, but it’s understandable that life gets in the way and bills still need to get paid. However Pro Bono Australia also provides a job service that advertises a wide range of employment options within the Not for Profit community. Click here to have a gander….. 
  • I can’t post a volunteer position and I’m pulling my hair out!! Help!
    • Don’t worry, the internet can be tricky at the best of times.
    • If you’re still having issues call our Volunteering guru Laura on (03) 8080 5650 and she’ll be happy to walk you through the process. Or you can email her at
  • I have a salary based position that I’d like to advertise. Can I still do this?
  • Where can I find out more about skilled volunteering?
    • Find out more about what a skilled volunteer actually is and how VolunteerMatch works here…
    • OR
    • If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to call Laura at Pro Bono Australia on (03) 8080 5650 or email her at
    • OR
    • If you’d like to find out some more general information, please feel free to browse through the websites of our skilled volunteering friends
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