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Australian-first philanthropy toolkit launches

Wendy Williams, Wednesday, 27th October 2021 -  “There isn’t a definitive way to be a philanthropist and we developed the toolkit with that in mind.” A philanthropy toolkit has been launched to make philanthropy easier, more enjoyable

World’s generosity revealed

Maggie Coggan, Tuesday, 22nd October 2019 -  Australia has been named the fourth most generous country globally, but giving rates are rapidly dropping  Individual giving in some of the world’s richest countries is now lower

GoFundMe opens fundraising doors for Australian charities

Maggie Coggan, Wednesday, 24th April 2019 -  The world’s largest social online fundraising platform, GoFundMe, has launched a tool to unlock new donor potential and allow Australians to easily raise money for their favourite

National ABS Survey Includes Charitable Giving

Lina Caneva, Thursday, 7th January 2016 -  The Australian Bureau of Statistics has begun collecting data on the country’s charitable giving behaviour, as part of the latest Household Expenditure Survey. The ABS survey,…

‘Survivalist’ Charities Need to Step Up on Poverty Challenge

Lina Caneva, Thursday, 8th May 2014 -  It’s been claimed that too much emphasis is placed on the role of charitable giving and not enough on the structural nature of poverty and ways to combat it, in a hard hitting investigation…


Creating ‘Markets for Good’ No Simple Exercise

Lina Caneva, Thursday, 8th May 2014 -  Behavioural economics continues to provide fascinating insights about what drives charitable giving and shows us how it’s even more complex than we may think, writes Philanthropy

Aussies Prefer the Hump Day to Give

Staff Reporter, Thursday, 21st November 2013 -  New research reveals Australians use “giving” to beat the weekday blues and they feel most inspired on Wednesdays. An analysis by global online giving platform, JustGiving


What’s All This About Giving One Per Cent?

Staff Reporter, Thursday, 14th November 2013 -  Alison Leemen  Kate Follington Until  Australia is able to work with the Federal Government or major philanthropic bodies to launch a nationwide “1 per cent giving

Charity Raises $20m for Boston Victims

Staff Reporter, Wednesday, 24th April 2013 -  In an amazing show of public and corporate giving, a charity set up to assist victims of the Boston Bombing has raised more than $20 million in less than ten days. The Massachusetts Governor,…

Aussies Donating Less – New Research

Staff Reporter, Tuesday, 23rd April 2013 -  Australians are giving less to charity but they are increasingly using digital technology to make their donations, according to two new studies. In 2012, 66% of Australians aged…

Health Causes Appeal to Aussie Donors – Charity Index

Staff Reporter, Thursday, 18th April 2013 -  The overall amount donated to charity by Australians grew by 2.6% in the year to February 2013 with health causes pulling hardest at donors heartstrings, according to the National…

Fundraising ‘Over-Complicated’ – Expert

Staff Reporter, Monday, 11th March 2013 -  Charity fundraisers “over-complicate” the fundraising process and should focus more on the donor, the Fundraising Institute of Australia conference in Sydney has…
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