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Using your experience at a large NFP to your advantage

Lois Freeke, Friday, 14th April 2023 -  Working for a large international charity isn’t always a positive when it comes to looking for a new job. NGO Recruitment’s Lois Freeke explains how to make the transition process

HILDA finds working from home boosts women’s job satisfaction more than men’s, and that has a downside

News Team, Friday, 16th December 2022 -  The latest HILDA data reveals both the benefits and drawbacks of working from home. The shift to working from home is unlikely to reverse. Data from the HILDA (Household, Income and

How to make friends at work

Danielle Kutchel, Thursday, 10th November 2022 -  Are you hoping to make friends with your workmates? It is possible, and we’ve rounded up some of the tips. Most of us spend a large portion of our time each week at work, possibly just as

Thinking of a career change? Here are some goals you should set

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 10th March 2022 -  Because every big life change requires a plan If you, like many others across the world, have decided it’s time to switch up your work, you’ll know that it’s not just a matter of finding


Creating the corporate for-purpose journey

Maggie Coggan, Monday, 22nd November 2021 -  As the head of shared value partnerships at insurance company AIA, Simonie Fox is blazing a path for a more equitable and ethical corporate world. She’s this week’s Changemaker. 

Nervous about your job interview? This might help

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 11th November 2021 -  We chat to Andrei Kurtuy from Novoresume about how to ace your interview using the STAR method  If you’re not prepared, behavioural questions can really throw a spanner in the works

How to write a job posting ad

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 30th September 2021 -  We chat to the experts on how you can craft a listing that will attract the best candidates There’s a whole bunch of considerations recruiters have to keep in mind when putting the feelers

Three ways to build trust as a new CEO

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 22nd April 2021 -  Gaining the trust of your new employees can be hard. We share some tips to make it a little easier.  For most people, starting a new job is nerve wrecking, but taking over leadership of

A guide to rejecting candidates

Maggie Coggan, Wednesday, 31st March 2021 -  Telling candidates they haven’t got the job is never great. Here’s how you can do it in the best way possible  It’s safe to say that telling a candidate they haven’t got the job is one of

How jobseekers can tie up loose ends and reset for the new year

Maggie Coggan, Monday, 21st December 2020 -  We share some tips on how to wrap up your job search for the year and make a fresh start in 2021 As we head into the last few weeks of the year, most workplaces are winding down and tying up


Leading the ethical business revolution

Maggie Coggan, Monday, 23rd November 2020 -  As the co-founder and CEO of Who Gives A Crap, Simon Griffiths is a pioneer of the flourishing for-purpose business movement, using a simple business model to address a big problem.

‘This budget falls drastically short for Australians doing it tough’

Wendy Williams, Wednesday, 7th October 2020 -  The social sector has expressed its disappointment over the federal budget which it says leave too many behind The Morrison government’s message to Australians was that “we have
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