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Where to for civil society in the next five years?

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 27th February 2023 -  Over the weekend Neil Pharaoh did a radio interview on civil society and it got him thinking – what will be the future of  civil society on its current trajectory? Civil society can be

We are one quarter into the federal govt term

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 30th January 2023 -  Despite the tongue in cheek time-marker, we should be looking ahead to develop organisational strategies in line with government timelines, writes Neil Pharaoh.  While said in

What is COP and what does it mean for me?

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 7th November 2022 -  Neil Pharaoh unpacks the impact of COP27 for the for-purpose sector. I am currently writing to you from Sharm El Sheikh, on the east side of the Sinai Peninsula, about an hour flight


Understanding the budget cycle

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 24th October 2022 -  Neil Pharaoh identifies three key things we should expect to see in the Albanese government’s first federal budget. The second version of the 2022/2023 federal budget will…

Learning from Olivia Newton-John

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 12th September 2022 -  Neil Pharaoh looks back at the life of icon Olivia Newton-John and what we can learn from her advocacy and charity work.  I had the tremendous privilege and honour of working for Olivia…

The jobs summit is only part of the story

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 29th August 2022 -  As debate continues to rage around the up-coming federal government jobs summit, there’s one key point that everyone is missing.  If you have been diligently watching ABC

Neutral? Bi-partisan? Impartial? Or just bland? – What are the rules for charities?

Neil Pharaoh, Tuesday, 15th March 2022 -  As we get closer to the election, for many organisations it means working through their political “stance”. But what do we mean when we say neutral or bi-partisan, and is this really

We need to build movements not create more barriers…

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 22nd November 2021 -  The old adage that you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar is never more correct than in the era of growing “cancel” culture. Remember, movements are created with open

What a week in politics…

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 8th November 2021 -  An international bruising for Scotty from Marketing, Small Target affirmed from Albo, and The Greens and Palmer recycling old ambitions: the landscape for the next federal election

The importance of everyone having a role in engaging with government

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 1st February 2021 -  Neil Pharaoh explains why it makes sense for everyone in your team to do a couple of small things around government engagement, and shares some tips on how to bring them along on the journey.

Charities paying for access – Never okay? Or a necessary evil?

Luke Michael, Wednesday, 16th December 2020 -  Charities are being warned to steer clear from paying to attend political functions amid concerns this could put an organisation’s reputation at risk      Gaining access to government

The missing COVID modelling: How for-purpose can help fill the void

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 5th October 2020 -  The social sector is uniquely positioned to take a medium to long term view on issues, writes Neil Pharaoh, who says the sector needs to start raising discussions ahead of the curve.
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