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Losing our most important news platform

David Crosbie, Thursday, 23rd March 2023 -  David Crosbie reflects on the impact Pro Bono News has had over the past two decades. Over a decade ago when the Community Council for Australia (CCA) was being established, the need


Understanding the budget cycle

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 24th October 2022 -  Neil Pharaoh identifies three key things we should expect to see in the Albanese government’s first federal budget. The second version of the 2022/2023 federal budget will…


Time to abolish compulsory income management

John Paterson, Monday, 24th October 2022 -  The Aboriginal population in the Northern Territory has borne the brunt of government-mandated income management for too many years, writes Dr John Paterson. It was income inequality


We can’t ignore the data on children any longer

Deb Tsorbaris, Monday, 24th October 2022 -  The onus is on the Albanese government to take the urgent action required to better protect our children, writes Deb Tsorbaris. There is much resting on the shoulders of the new prime…


Protecting our children in chaotic times? We need more than a national framework.

Deb Tsorbaris, Wednesday, 23rd March 2022 -  Deb Tsorbaris argues that a new child protection framework has admiral intentions, but falls short in addressing Australia’s post-pandemic economic reality. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg


They said it would never catch on – but social enterprise is here to stay

Samantha Freestone, Tuesday, 30th November 2021 -  Tara Anderson and Bella Borello from Social Traders explain why now is the time to raise the curtain on social enterprise and show the world that business for good can, and should, be


The compelling case for a future fund for social housing

Brendan Coates, Monday, 29th November 2021 -  Brendan Coates, the Grattan Institute’s program director of economic policy, explains why setting up a future fund for social housing could be the answer to fixing Australia’s ever-growing


Transforming mental health through lived experience

Contributor, Wednesday, 17th March 2021 -  By co-designing mental health care with people who have lived experience, researchers are aiming to rebuild Australia’s system, writes Associate Professor Victoria Palmer. 


Where does our future lie as a people: together or apart?

Rachel Clark, Thursday, 16th April 2020 -  Rachel Clark considers the response to COVID-19 through the lens of collectivism and individualism and questions whether when this is all over we can be a more trusting nation. I’m


A new world is being born

David Ritter, Wednesday, 1st April 2020 -  In Australia, the politically, socially and economically unthinkable has become commonplace within a matter of days – and these changes will set the course for our future, writes


The country is not waiting for the government

David Ritter, Monday, 4th November 2019 -  The Australian government may not have a credible mechanism for reducing the emissions that are driving global warming. But huge amounts of climate action can and is occurring outside


In the struggle to survive, you must get the basics right

David Crosbie, Thursday, 10th October 2019 -  With the closure of high-profile charity White Ribbon, Community Council for Australia CEO David Crosbie, highlights three important issues charities must consider to ensure
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