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Aussie veterans left sleeping rough

Luke Michael, Monday, 19th August 2019 -  Australian defence veterans using homelessness services are twice as likely to be sleeping rough compared to non-veterans seeking specialist support, new data shows. A report

Why Is It So Hard for the Homeless to Get Help?

Estelle Stathoulis, Friday, 29th June 2018 -  With the number of Australians experiencing homelessness estimated at more than 110,000, Pro Bono News wanted to take a closer look at what help is currently available for those seeking

‘Homeless Ban’ in Australia Cause for UN Concern

Lina Caneva, Wednesday, 15th March 2017 -  Proposed amendments to a local law in Melbourne targeting homeless people living on the streets has triggered international human rights concern and questions also being asked…

What Should You Do If You See Someone Sleeping Rough?

Wendy Williams, Thursday, 25th August 2016 -  Feature: People sleeping rough are the most visible form of homelessness and with the numbers increasing year on year, Pro Bono Australia News spoke to people on the ground about what

Bank of Melbourne Slammed for Calling Homeless “Inconsiderate”

Wendy Williams, Monday, 25th July 2016 -  A sign posted outside a Bank of Melbourne branch has caused outrage after branding a homeless person as “inconsiderate” for sleeping in the foyer. The Footscray branch put a notice

Rising Homelessness Needs Urgent Funding

Staff Reporter, Tuesday, 15th July 2014 -  The Victorian Government should urgently reinstate mental health funding to housing and homelessness agencies in Melbourne, according to homelessness services Not for Profit…

Rough Sleepers Call for a Safer Night’s Sleep – Report

Staff Reporter, Thursday, 30th January 2014 -  A lack of after-hours and weekend services are a continuing high need for people who sleep rough, according to a new homelessness report. StreetCount 2013 – Living Rough in…


The Cost of Addressing Homelessness – A Responsibility for All

Staff Reporter, Tuesday, 21st January 2014 -  The onus for funding homelessness initiatives should not be placed solely on government but shared with corporates, philanthropists and the wider community who all standing to

Health Workers Conduct Register of Homeless

Staff Reporter, Wednesday, 31st July 2013 -  Teams of housing and health workers have been on the streets of Melbourne this week to compile a register of the health status of individuals who are sleeping rough. The national Registry…
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