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One in 10 Aussies Use Mental Health Services

Staff Reporter, Friday, 11th October 2013 -  In 2010-11, 9 per cent of the Australian population (or 1.9 million Australians) received mental health services, according to a report released by the Australian Institute of Health…

Indigenous Engagement Needs Strategic Leadership

Staff Reporter, Friday, 4th October 2013 -  Hurried one-off “consultations” that are organised without indigenous input don’t work, new evidence has revealed. The evidence from two papers, Engaging

Cancer Risk Greater for Indigenous Australians

Staff Reporter, Thursday, 3rd October 2013 -  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have higher rates of new cancer cases and cancer deaths than non-Indigenous Australians, according to a new report by the Australian…

Disadvantage Continues Despite Some Improvements- Report

Staff Reporter, Friday, 9th August 2013 -  Some Australians continue to live in disadvantaged circumstances despite the fact Australian’s are better educated and living longer, according to the latest report card…

Mental Health Spending on the Rise – AIHW

Staff Reporter, Wednesday, 27th March 2013 -  Mental health spending in Australia is on the rise, according to new figures released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). The latest figures, released on the…

Homelessness Crisis Still High – Report

Staff Reporter, Tuesday, 18th December 2012 - 
Need for homelessness services is still high according to a new report.  Demand for crisis accommodation remains high in Australia, with specialist homelessness agencies…

Housing Stress on the Rise

Staff Reporter, Wednesday, 5th December 2012 -  The demand for social housing in Australia is rising and waiting lists remain long, according to a new report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). The Housing

New Report Shows Aussies Living Longer

Staff Reporter, Friday, 23rd November 2012 - 
A new report has shown Australians are living longer. Photo: Older Australians are living longer and without profound disability, according to a new…

Young People At Risk Report

Staff Reporter, Thursday, 15th November 2012 - 
 A new AIHW report finds links between social inclusion and issues of child abuse and homelessness.  A new report into children and young people at risk of social exclusion…

Mental Health Spend Up

Staff Reporter, Wednesday, 10th October 2012 - 
Mental health spending is on the increase, according to AIHW. Photo: Over $6.3 billion, or $287 per Australian, was spent on mental health-related services…

Single Parent Families Most Vulnerable to Homelessness

Staff Reporter, Monday, 24th September 2012 - 
Single parent families are most likely to receive homelessness support according to a new report. Source: AIHW Single parents are the most common type of family group to receive support…

Use of Disability Support Services on the Rise – Report

Staff Reporter, Friday, 21st September 2012 - 
Use of disability support services is increasing in Australia, according to AIHW. Photo courtesy: The use of disability support services in Australia is on the rise,…
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