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Aussies Lag on Workplace Gender Disclosure

Xavier Smerdon, Wednesday, 17th June 2015 -  Australian companies publicly report less information on equal opportunities for women in the workplace than their UK and US counterparts, a new study reveals. Equal Opportunity

UK Charity Commission Under Fire

Xavier Smerdon, Tuesday, 9th June 2015 -  The UK Charity Commission is facing legal action after an advocacy group accused it of exceeding its role and acting like “counter-terrorism police”. Controversial…

Video Gamers Charity Potential

Lina Caneva, Tuesday, 19th May 2015 -  The multi-million dollar video game industry could be a goldmine for charity fundraisers, an online fundraising conference based in the UK has been told. With the number of gamers…

The Politics of Social Enterprise

Lina Caneva, Wednesday, 22nd April 2015 -  Social enterprise is inherently political but is curiously being deemed politically-neutral in the lead up to the UK Election next month, writes Dr Andrew Curtis, co-founder and

Charities Struggle with Disengaged Public

Xavier Smerdon, Thursday, 9th April 2015 -  Do charity campaigns inspire people to act and are men better at ‘giving’? Well apparently not, according to two new research reports from the UK. The latest research…

UK ‘Sock-Puppet’ Charity Clause Draws Ire

Xavier Smerdon, Thursday, 12th March 2015 -  There has been uproar in the UK after the Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles, urged all Government Departments to adopt a new "anti-lobbying, anti-sock puppet clause"…

Charity Investments Need Transparency and Innovation – Report

Xavier Smerdon, Thursday, 19th February 2015 -  One in five charity Chief Executives do not feel qualified to play a role in their organisation’s investment policies, or did not know what their charity’s responsible…

UBS Sponsors UK’s First Social Investment Tax Relief Fund

Xavier Smerdon, Wednesday, 11th February 2015 -  Wealth Manager UBS has announced that it is sponsoring social impact investment specialist, Resonance, to develop the first in a series of Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) funds…

New Campaigning Laws ‘Frightening’ UK Charities

Xavier Smerdon, Tuesday, 27th January 2015 -  A new law that restricts how much charities can campaign in the lead up to the United Kingdom election has many of them “frightened” and is stopping them from speaking…

Corporate Philanthropy Increases Workers’ Productivity – Study

Lina Caneva, Wednesday, 14th January 2015 -  Working to benefit a good cause increases employee productivity by up to 30 per cent, according to the findings of a new UK study. Research from the University of Southampton showed…

A NFP Chair’s Compass – New Guide

Xavier Smerdon, Thursday, 13th November 2014 -  The Association of Chairs, a UK peak body, has marked its first anniversary by publishing a guide specifically for chairs of charities to highlight the unique role they play in their…

Trust in UK Charities Fluctuating

Xavier Smerdon, Tuesday, 28th October 2014 -  Public trust in UK charities is lowest among people who see them as big and political, according a new poll. The more the public associates charities with large, political organisations,…
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