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Masterclass – Managing Leaders, Volunteers and Vicarious Trauma

Date: 09 April 2019 at 08:00 am Presenter: Pro Bono Australia Run time: 4 x 60 minute sessions Location: Online Materials Price: $100 (in AUD)

× The live session has passed. Catch up by downloading the post-webinar pack below.


Comprised of four of Pro Bono Australia’s most insightful webinars about managing your not for profit, this masterclass will inspire you and equip you with new skills to develop your organisation and team. 

This masterclass includes webinars on:

  • Measuring Social Impact
  •  Vicarious Trauma: Creating Resilient Responders and Change Makers
  • Coaching Volunteers Through Organisational Change
  • Developing Effective and Resilient Leaders in Times of Change

Curated with not for profits in mind, each of our expert presenters brings a wealth of experience, expertise and ideas.

This Masterclass is valued at $220 – plus a bonus $60 value in webinar books. Get yours today for only $100!

What does the Masterclass include?

The Masterclass is an instant permanent download of audio and video recordings, slide decks and webinar books for each webinar.

Purchasing a ticket for this masterclass will provide you with a permanent download of materials for:

Measuring Social Impact

Presented by experienced evaluator Taimur Siddiqi, this session uses real life examples to help you understand:

  • How to get started on measuring social impact
  • How to demonstrate and communicate the change you create
  • How to utilise impact measurement data to improve performance and advocate

Vicarious Trauma: Creating Resilient Responders and Change Makers

Watch this webinar, presented by psychologist Adam Blanch, to learn about:

  • What causes vicarious trauma
  • Who is most vulnerable to experiencing vicarious trauma
  • How to build resilient responders and ensure you can protect your staff

Coaching Volunteers Through Organisational Change

Presented by Sara Sterling, Penny Aquino and Megan Cassar and curated specifically for a not-for-profit audience, you will gain exclusive insight into:

  • Why leading change for volunteers is unique
  • A brief overview of the ADKAR change management framework
  • Three practitioners experiences leading change

Developing Effective and Resilient Leaders in Times of Change

Expert presenter Andrew Beveridge uses practical examples and tips to guide you through:

  • Why the modern workplace is so challenging and the implications for leaders
  • What great leaders do to motivate and get the best out of their people
  • The leadership styles great leaders employ in times of change


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