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News Shorts: DGR administration update, new poverty report, NFP leadership opportunities and more

Ruby Kraner-Tucci, Wednesday, 22nd March 2023 -  All the news you need to know from around the sector.

Bill to see ATO control all DGR categories

Assistant charities minister Andrew Leigh has actioned a proposed reform that sees the

Only through inclusion can you make the most out of workforce diversity

Andrew Cairns, Monday, 5th July 2021 -  Whatever your strategic approach or wherever you are on your journey, getting diversity and inclusion right in the workplace is well worth the commitment of time and resources, writes

Culturally Diverse Women Locked Out of Leadership Roles, Research Says

Luke Michael, Thursday, 7th September 2017 -  Culturally diverse women are not well utilised in the workplace and are locked out of leadership positions, according to new research from the University of Sydney. The university’s…

Proposed Changes to Citizenship Not Good for Business

Lina Caneva, Wednesday, 9th August 2017 -    The Diversity Council Australia (DCA) says proposed changes to Australia’s citizenship process would “not be good for business”. The not-for-profit workplace diversity

EVOLVING CHAIR: From Army Chief to NFP Chair

Xavier Smerdon, Thursday, 26th November 2015 -  Known for a passionate 2013 speech calling for gender equality in the Australian Army, Retired Lieutenant General David Morrison has taken on the role of Chair of the Diversity Council

Building Inclusion: How Leaders Can Make or Break Diversity

Staff Reporter, Monday, 2nd November 2015 -  There is room to improve the inclusive leadership capabilities of Australian managers, according to the Diversity Council of Australia. A new study by the DCA, entitled Building…

Australian Workers Missing the Mark on Asia

Xavier Smerdon, Monday, 14th September 2015 -  One third of Australian workers have very little or no ability to effectively interact with people from Asian countries or backgrounds for work purposes, despite seven out of Australia’s…

Gender Pay Gap – The Never-Ending Story?

Xavier Smerdon, Monday, 31st August 2015 -  Australia’s gender pay gap is alive and well, with women needing to work an extra 15 years to retire with the same superannuation balance as men on average, according to the latest…

Australian Gender Pay Gap Widening

Xavier Smerdon, Monday, 2nd March 2015 -  The gender pay gap in Australia is now greater than it was in 1985 despite 30 years of the Australian business community working towards equal opportunity for women, according to the…

NFPs Need to Look at Workplace Diversity

Staff Reporter, Thursday, 1st August 2013 -  It’s claimed the Not for Profit sector could learn a lot about making changes to workplace diversity following the results of a new survey carried out by the Diversity Council…
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