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Here’s how to say goodbye to your toxic new job

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 7th April 2022 -  Because it’s not as easy as just walking out the door  Picture this: You’ve started what you thought was your dream job, and everything is going great.  But soon enough, you start to

How to look for a job with a new baby

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 24th March 2022 -  We share some tips on how to make it easier  Finding a new job is stressful, but throwing the arrival of a small child into the mix is an added challenge to your hunt.  Luckily, there are

Thinking of a career change? Here are some goals you should set

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 10th March 2022 -  Because every big life change requires a plan If you, like many others across the world, have decided it’s time to switch up your work, you’ll know that it’s not just a matter of finding

AI in recruiting, good or bad for diversity?

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 3rd March 2022 -  New research has found there is potential for AI to make recruitment fairer, but that hiring professional and tech developers needed the skills and know-how to do it first Artificial

How to explain why you’re leaving your current job

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 24th February 2022 -  We share some ways you can answer this common job interview question with confidence and tact  There are generally a few questions you know you’ll be asked in a job interview, and one

Here’s how to keep your hybrid team together

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 17th February 2022 -  If you are struggling to find ways to keep your team united when you’re not all working in the same place look no further  For many, one of the great positives of the pandemic has

How to work and study at the same time

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 10th February 2022 -  If you’re struggling to stay on top of your dual workload, we’re here to help  Going back to study while you’re working full-time is a popular choice these days.  For many people, the

Have you been ghosted by a candidate? Here’s what you can do about it

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 3rd February 2022 -  We ask the experts how to stop excellent candidates from disappearing into thin air  As a recruiter, you may have had a hard time as of late holding onto quality candidates.  The jobs

Why taking a career side-step isn’t a step backwards

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 3rd February 2022 -  We dive into the negativity surrounding the idea of a career side-step and find out why it might not be such a bad thing Career trajectories are often depicted as climbing a ladder. If

Leadership lessons from the year that was

Maggie Coggan, Friday, 17th December 2021 -  The past year has been a rollercoaster to say the least, but are there any lessons that can be carried into the new year? We take a look.  While we all carried a small amount of hope that

Are you formatting your resume wrong? This might help.

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 18th November 2021 -  We share some tips on optimising your CV so that it stands out from the crowd As technology has advanced, the ability to create a bright, snazzy looking resume has never been easier. 

Nervous about your job interview? This might help

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 11th November 2021 -  We chat to Andrei Kurtuy from Novoresume about how to ace your interview using the STAR method  If you’re not prepared, behavioural questions can really throw a spanner in the works
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