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All I want for Christmas is… a new job

24 November 2022 at 3:54 pm
Ruby Kraner-Tucci
Are you thinking about finding a new role? Ask yourself these questions first.

Ruby Kraner-Tucci | 24 November 2022 at 3:54 pm


All I want for Christmas is… a new job
24 November 2022 at 3:54 pm

Are you thinking about finding a new role? Ask yourself these questions first.

The end of the year inevitably brings a period of reflection. As we race to the finish line for that much needed period of rest and rejuvenation, questions fill our minds.

What have I accomplished this year? What are my hopes for the new year? Am I content in my job and in my life? How many Baileys is too many, really?

When it comes to your profession, it’s natural to crave change. Whether that’s a new project, a promotion or an entirely new job in a different workplace – you’re not alone if you’re feeling restless.

In fact, 1.3 million people changed jobs over the past year – the highest annual job mobility rate since 2012 – with 22 per cent working in professional industries, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics data. Those that didn’t make the switch last year had still done so recently, with over half (55 per cent) of people surveyed only being employed in their current job for less than five years.

So if you’re sitting at your end of year work party with your third Baileys, staring at the Christmas tree that’s already up in the office in November and you’re thinking that it’s time for a change, make sure to ask yourself the following questions first.

What do I need from my work to feel fulfilled? You might be looking for greater flexibility, a new professional challenge or a different cause to devote your work to. Maybe you need something more casual so you can focus on other parts of your life.

What matters most to me in my job? Perhaps you’re interested in climbing the corporate ladder – or you may prefer to prioritise who you work with and not the job itself. Reflect on your salary, the convenience of where your work is located, and whether there are opportunities for you to grow and develop.

Are employers looking for positions like mine? Research the types of roles that interest you on jobs sites and determine whether it is a viable option to consider a change at this time. Check where these jobs are located and how available they are. You could also tap into your network to monitor what’s out there.

How do I feel right now about my job? Picture yourself at work. Are you motivated and inspired? Are you lethargic and negative? Question why you’re feeling this way. You may not really be looking to quit – a holiday or some time away from work may do the trick. Confide in people around you that you trust for their advice.

Am I ready for the grind of job applications? It’s safe to say that dedicating time and efforts to applying for new jobs is taxing, and this may not be the right moment for you to undertake that process. Setting goals, such as two jobs per week, can help you stay on track.

Ruby Kraner-Tucci  |  @ProBonoNews

Ruby Kraner-Tucci is a journalist, with a special interest in culture, community and social affairs. Reach her at

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