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Increases to the minimum wage, drop in solutions and the high cost of doing business

COSS Corner

Contributor, Wednesday, 22nd June 2022 -  All the latest news from the Councils of Social Service of Australia.

The world’s affluent must start eating local food to tackle the climate crisis, new research shows


Contributor, Wednesday, 22nd June 2022 -  Since 1995, worldwide agricultural and food trade has more than doubled. It’s never been clearer that eating local produce is a powerful way to take action on climate change, write Arunima Malik and Mengyu Li from University of Sydney.

‘All these people with lived experience are not being heard’: What family violence survivors want policy makers to know


Contributor, Wednesday, 15th June 2022 -  Survivors of violence, and those working to support survivors, want to see programs that focus on getting the first response right, every time, writes Sarah Moulds.

How Hireup’s way of grantmaking is breaking the status quo

Contributor, Thursday, 9th June 2022 -  Hireup Impact Grants are open to individuals, project groups, community groups and organisations who want to enable the pursuit of a good life for people with disability. 

Welcoming a new ministry, amplifying youth voices and engaging in disaster recovery

COSS Corner

Contributor, Wednesday, 8th June 2022 -  All the latest news from the Councils of Social Service of Australia.

Empowering not for profits with technology Impact Grants

Contributor, Tuesday, 7th June 2022 -  Applications are now open for Dog and Bone’s next round of Impact Grants. Apply by 15 July 2022.

The courage to feel uncomfortable: what Australians need to learn to achieve real reconciliation.


Contributor, Wednesday, 1st June 2022 -  Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s election night speech put recognition of The Uluru statement from the heart in the minds of the nation. But real reconciliation is deeper and more complex, writes Bindi Bennett, associate professor of First Nations health at Bond University.

National Sorry Day is a day to commemorate those taken. But ‘sorry’ is not enough – we need action


Contributor, Thursday, 26th May 2022 -  Today is National Sorry Day. This is when we commemorate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who were forcibly removed from their families, writes Bronwyn Carlson.

Seven demands for new government, human rights conference for QLD, and a new low pay report

COSS Corner

Contributor, Wednesday, 25th May 2022 -  All the latest news from the Councils of Social Service of Australia.

The election showed Australia’s huge appetite for stronger climate action. What levers can the new government pull?


Contributor, Wednesday, 25th May 2022 -  As the fallout continues from the federal election result, Professor John Quiggan examines tangible options for Labor’s climate change policy.

First Nations people in the NT receive just 16 per cent of the Medicare funding of an average Australian


Contributor, Wednesday, 18th May 2022 -  As Australians head to the polls this weekend, it’s glaringly apparent that Medicare isn’t delivering equal benefit to First Nations people.

Contacting local candidates about inequality, ensuring votes for people with disability, and NT budget fails sector

COSS Corner

Contributor, Monday, 16th May 2022 -  All the latest news from the Councils of Social Service of Australia.
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