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Doug Taylor is CEO of The Smith Family. He was previously deputy executive director at Uniting NSW and ACT.


Business, Truth, Trust and The Common Good


Doug Taylor, Tuesday, 26th June 2018 -  Business has an important role to play and it’s bigger than just creating profit and creating shareholder returns, writes Doug Taylor, group executive, Uniting NSW and ACT.

The Three Essentials for Driving Innovation in Your Not for Profit


Doug Taylor, Thursday, 17th May 2018 -  Innovation is critical for the not-for-profit sector in Australia, writes Doug Taylor, group executive, Uniting NSW and ACT, as he offers three practical tips to drive innovation.

Three Questions That Will Ensure Your Not For Profit Survives


Doug Taylor, Wednesday, 13th December 2017 -  There are three questions that a not-for-profit board should address to be confident it will survive into the future, writes Doug Taylor, a director at welfare provider Uniting.

Tips for ‘Intrapreneurs’ Leading NDIS Transformations

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Doug Taylor, Tuesday, 16th August 2016 -  The director of resilient communities at welfare provider Uniting, Doug Taylor, offers his top three tips on how to survive as an “intrapreneur” working on the transformational journey to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in a Not for Profit.

How Do You Become a CEO for a NFP of the Future?


Doug Taylor, Monday, 25th July 2016 -  A director in the Not for Profit sector, Doug Taylor offers advice for those aspiring to one day lead a NFP. He draws from his experience as a CEO and board member and also from having worked with numerous leading CEOs of domestic and international NFP and corporate organisations.

Getting Larger Not for Profits on Board with Collective Impact

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Doug Taylor, Thursday, 10th March 2016 -  Social change advocate and Director for Strategic Engagement at Uniting, Doug Taylor, reflects on his experience in collective impact initiatives, on what works for larger Not for Profits.

Blog: Busting the Myths about Community Leadership


Doug Taylor, Tuesday, 16th February 2016 -  What if we believed that we all have the potential to lead no matter who we are and what role we play, asks Doug Taylor from community services organisation, Uniting, in his latest blog which challenges perennial leadership myths and

BLOG: Strategies to Make Innovation Essential for a Not For Profit


Doug Taylor, Tuesday, 8th December 2015 -  Innovation must be the key ingredient for Not for Profits who are now in the middle of a once in a generation period of growth, writes Doug Taylor the Director for Strategic Engagement at Uniting.
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