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Hannah is an account coordinator at Fifty Acres.


The winning combination of earned media and government relations for NFPs

Hannah Janetzki, Tuesday, 21st February 2023 -  Hannah Janetzki explains why not for profits shouldn’t underestimate an integrated communications and government engagement strategy in 2023. 

PR trends for NFPs in 2023

Hannah Janetzki, Monday, 12th December 2022 -  Now is the time for NFPs to increase organisational awareness, engage with communities, and exercise their impact. But how is that done? Hannah Janetzki explains.

The role of strategic communication in driving trust for NFPs

Hannah Janetzki, Monday, 21st November 2022 -  Trust underpins the public’s connection with not for profits (NFPs) and charities. A strong, trusting relationship encourages funding and community support, increasing the organisation’s potential impact in its chosen area, and the role of strategic communications and public relations in driving trust for NFPs should not be understated. 
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