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Jonathan Alley is opinion editor at Pro Bono Australia.


Advocating for all trans and gender diverse people to live their greatest possible life


Jonathan Alley, Friday, 10th June 2022 -  As president of Trans Pride Australia and a proud gender queer, trans masculine person, AJ Brown is on a mission to foster a sense of belonging and empower trans and gender diverse people across Australia. They are this week’s Changemaker.

The future isn’t coming – it’s here, and it’s young


Jonathan Alley, Friday, 3rd June 2022 -  Future Anything founder Nicole Dyson has gone from slicing pizza and raising galahs to inspiring young people to empower themselves with their own ideas. She’s this week’s Changemaker. 

What do you want to learn?

Jonathan Alley, Thursday, 2nd June 2022 -  Do you know what you really want from a job? Be ready to talk about it in an interview, it can help you as much as it helps the employer.

Battling trafficking one stitch at a time


Jonathan Alley, Friday, 27th May 2022 -  James Bartle founded Outland Denim after being inspired by popular culture, but the fashion B-Corp is battling a sobering reality. Bartle is this week's Changemaker.

So tell us about yourself…

Jonathan Alley, Friday, 27th May 2022 -  Sometimes a simple invitation to talk about ourselves can tangle us up in a job interview. But a straightforward story can smooth things in the interview room beautifully. 

Explaining your resume gap

Jonathan Alley, Friday, 20th May 2022 -  A gap in your resume picked up by a prospective employer need not be awkward, if put to good use.

Care with upstanding courage


Jonathan Alley, Friday, 20th May 2022 -  Courage to Care Victoria is celebrating 30 years of providing upstander education to people across Victoria to create racism-free communities. CEO Mike Zervos is this week’s Changemaker.

Rebels with room to read

Jonathan Alley, Wednesday, 18th May 2022 -  Room to Read works to increase literacy in young women globally. Its latest project, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Inspiring Young Changemakers, is a collaboration with publisher Rebel Girls. Jonathan Alley spoke to Room to Read CEO Dr Geetha Murali.

What’s your work personality?

Jonathan Alley, Thursday, 12th May 2022 -  We know workplaces are often diverse. But how much do we think about our own individual professional personality?

Taking a helicopter view of homelessness in young people


Jonathan Alley, Thursday, 12th May 2022 -  After over 30 years battling barriers to housing, Stephen Nash is committed to prevention rather than a cure. He is this week’s Changemaker.

Troweling acres of change to feed community


Jonathan Alley, Wednesday, 4th May 2022 -  Josh Collings lost his home in the 2020 bushfires. His market garden initiative, the Acres and Acres Cooperative, aims to empower his local community to grow and sell produce. He is this week’s Changemaker.

Are you the communicator you think you are?

Jonathan Alley, Wednesday, 4th May 2022 -  Everyone knows communication skills at work are vital: but why are they so important, and how should we think differently about them?
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