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Maggie Coggan is a journalist at Pro Bono News covering the social sector.


The platform helping pet owners find the paw-fect match


Maggie Coggan, Wednesday, 1st September 2021 -  Finding someone to look after your pet can be a struggle. It’s why Deb Webber created Pet Cloud, to connect pet owners to carers across the country, and make an impact along the way, writes Maggie Coggan in this month’s Spotlight on social enterprise. 

Sector pays tribute to Greens senator Rachel Siewert

Maggie Coggan, Monday, 30th August 2021 -  The Western Australian senator will retire from politics at the next federal election after 16 years of service 

Fighting for Australia’s silent heroes


Maggie Coggan, Monday, 30th August 2021 -  As the CEO of Carers Australia, Liz Callaghan is fighting to give a voice to the millions of unpaid carers across the country. She’s this week’s Changemaker. 

Art Simone on the power of Wearing it Purple

Maggie Coggan, Friday, 27th August 2021 -  “The sooner you learn to champion your individuality, the sooner you will flourish” 

The number of people giving to charity hits 40 year low

Maggie Coggan, Wednesday, 25th August 2021 -  The latest analysis of 2018/19 tax-deductible giving data reveals a mixed bag of trends

Taking back control of the First Nations narrative

Maggie Coggan, Tuesday, 24th August 2021 -  “We need to go back to what works and stop trying to appeal to governments who aren't listening to us.” 

Fighting for fair in challenging times


Maggie Coggan, Monday, 23rd August 2021 -  As the new CEO of The Benevolent Society, Lin Hatfield Dodds is using her many years of leadership experience to tackle the big issues. She’s this week’s Changemaker. 

These are the in-demand roles for 2021

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 19th August 2021 -  We take a look at the top roles for 2021 and what impact the pandemic has had on this 

Charity alliance to shake up overseas aid model

Maggie Coggan, Thursday, 19th August 2021 -  “This alliance will make it really easy for donors who want to help to make that decision and to act on that decision.” 

Push for government to deliver better climate future ramps up

Maggie Coggan, Wednesday, 18th August 2021 -  “It is timely to explore the opportunities that the inevitable transition to a zero-emissions world presents for Australia” 

The carers flying under the radar during the pandemic

Maggie Coggan, Tuesday, 17th August 2021 -  With 720,000 carers in Victoria alone living without any extra support, a new campaign is raising awareness around the help that is out there  

Meet the woman flipping the script on what it means to be an Australian social enterprise


Maggie Coggan, Monday, 16th August 2021 -  As the co-CEO of Enterprise Learning Projects, Liandra Gaykamangu is using her expertise and passion for social enterprise and First Nations business to share and celebrate the stories of the NT social enterprise community. She’s this week’s Changemaker.  
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