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Nikki Stefanoff is a journalist at Pro Bono News covering Good Business and Social Finance.


New European legislation will require 50,000 EU firms to follow mandatory sustainability reporting standards

Nikki Stefanoff, Wednesday, 12th May 2021 -  “Ultimately, sustainable investment is about making the right choices. And to make the right choices, you need good information”

Celebrating the best in ESG research

Nikki Stefanoff, Wednesday, 12th May 2021 -  Climate change and social-focused research were just two of the topics recognised in this year’s ESG Research Australia Awards. 

The Digital Economy Strategy is not enough to close the country’s digital divide


Nikki Stefanoff, Wednesday, 12th May 2021 -  “In order to make Australia a leading digital economy, we must ensure all Australians are able to participate in that economy”

Mental health budget reflects the struggle of the last 12 months


Nikki Stefanoff, Wednesday, 12th May 2021 -  Last night’s budget saw the largest ever mental health investment by a Commonwealth government

Aged care is a bright spot in this year’s budget


Nikki Stefanoff, Wednesday, 12th May 2021 -  The aged care sector was one of last night’s winners with Frydenberg saying the government is committed to restoring trust in the system 

Winners announced for 2021’s Australian Not-for-Profit Technology Awards

Nikki Stefanoff, Monday, 10th May 2021 -  Innovations in COVID-19 responses, domestic violence awareness campaigns and an online marketplace for donated goods were among the winners of this year’s Australian Not-for-Profit Technology Awards. 

Australia’s biggest givers more generous than ever

Nikki Stefanoff, Wednesday, 5th May 2021 -  With the release of this year’s Philanthropy 50 list it’s clear that high wealth giving is only getting stronger but what about more generalised giving from the public? 

An intrepid new plan to decarbonise travel

Nikki Stefanoff, Tuesday, 4th May 2021 -  Intrepid Travel has announced new low-carbon alternative tours but what does this mean for Aussie travellers still wanting to head overseas?

Decolonising data

Nikki Stefanoff, Tuesday, 4th May 2021 -  "I think it’s something we need to really understand – holders of data hold the power, they make the decisions and they reinforce their own privilege."

The future of impact


Nikki Stefanoff, Wednesday, 28th April 2021 -  “We’re at a time when we can see that our systems are not serving us. It’s time to explore what systems we need to build a more sustainable way of living in harmony with the planet.”

The future of ethical AI

Nikki Stefanoff, Tuesday, 27th April 2021 -  Pro Bono News sits down with artificial intelligence researcher Thao Phan to discuss the issues of ethics of race and gender in AI  

The UN looks for investors for projects to help meet its 2030 Sustainability Goals

Nikki Stefanoff, Wednesday, 21st April 2021 -  The United Nations has partnered with a number of the world’s largest financial institutions for support in connecting investors with projects.
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