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How to end up with the best hand after a shuffle

Happenings on the hill

Angus Crowther, Monday, 4th July 2022 -  Angus Crowther and Rory Parker reveal the ace that social purpose organisations need to keep up their sleeves following changes in government.

Philanthropy and the abortion postcode lottery


Bonney Corbin, Monday, 4th July 2022 -  In the wake of the US Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade, do you know the reality of abortion access in Australia? And how many cannot be delivered without philanthropic support? Sophie Keramidopoulos and Bonney Corbin from MSI Australia (formerly Marie Stopes Australia) explain. 

Canberra is a brand new zoo: so know who’s who


Margaret Quixley, Wednesday, 25th May 2022 -  The election result has transformed the political landscape. Sector advocates need to act accordingly. Margaret Quixley and Cara Schultz of Impact Collective give some pointers for navigating the new paradigm

The federal election is almost here. What comes next?

Happenings on the hill

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 9th May 2022 -  The federal election campaign is nearly done: early voting has started. Have you missed the boat for pre-election commitments? Neil Pharaoh and Rory Parker assess next steps for social sector organisations.

Younger people in aged care is a problem: will the government keep its stated commitment?


Di Winkler, Wednesday, 4th May 2022 -  Warehousing people with disability under 65 in nursing homes that are not resourced to meet their needs is a waste of human potential, argue Di Winkler and Peter Mulherin.

Boards must look through a stakeholder lens


Alan Hough, Wednesday, 27th April 2022 -  The people served by human service organisations and their staff are key stakeholders, and should be viewed as such by boards, argue Alan Hough and Joe Zabar.

Backing kids in life’s lottery: Behind the scenes of the Paul Ramsay Foundation’s new podcast

Kate Harrison Brennan, Thursday, 7th April 2022 -  The Paul Ramsay Foundation and Impact Studios have created Life’s Lottery: Backing Kids, a podcast on how Australian society values its relationship with children.

More than a zero sum game: Gender lens investing means we all do better.


Abhilash Mudaliar, Wednesday, 16th March 2022 -  Manita Ray and Abhilash Mudaliar offer an intro into the world of gender lens investing and highlight the importance of asking the right questions.

Student mental health is a vital part of education

Youth matters

Aakriti, Friday, 11th March 2022 -  We need teachers, parents, carers, families and the community to listen to us and understand how serious this is, write VicSRC executive committee members Aakriti, Gitaanjali and Jasmine.

How can I maximise opportunity from the federal election?

Happenings on the hill

Neil Pharaoh, Monday, 28th February 2022 -  Neil Pharaoh and Rory Parker share a checklist of things to tick off to make sure your organisation is maximising your government engagement opportunities.

Social enterprise funding to support refugee employment


Jess Moore, Thursday, 13th January 2022 -  At the end of 2020, the federal government announced nearly $25 million to support refugee employment. Social enterprise veterans, Jess Moore and Cindy Carpenter, take us through why exactly the new package matters. 

Three capabilities to boost the not-for-profit sector’s impact


Sam Sayers, Monday, 13th December 2021 -  COVID-19 made the not-for-profit sector’s value clearer than ever, with demand doubling for many services. But now the sector is under immense strain. Australian Scholarships Foundation CEO Sam Sayers and McKinsey & Company partner Roland Dillon discuss the path forward.
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