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Are You Ready for the Future?

19 July 2016 at 11:24 am
Staff Reporter
Today you either disrupt yourself or someone else will! Learn from the who’s who of global thinkers and innovators at the 6th Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific Global event (Ci2016), 7 to 9 November 2016 at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins.

Staff Reporter | 19 July 2016 at 11:24 am


Are You Ready for the Future?
19 July 2016 at 11:24 am

Sponsored: Today you either disrupt yourself or someone else will! Learn from the who’s who of global thinkers and innovators at the 6th Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific Global event (Ci2016), 7 to 9 November 2016 at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins.

Creative Innovation

Retail, the media, airlines, telecommunications, professional services and insurance firms, even governments globally are all in the throes of fundamental change in response to disruption. Is it a threat to your industry or profession, a problem to be managed or an opportunity to be seized?

You and your organisation have a chance to understand disruption, to innovate in response, or take the initiative and be a disruptor.

Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific: The Exponential Shift: Making Transformation Happen shares bold ideas, strategies and sustainable growth solutions across all sectors, sparking revolution for leadership, innovation and change, and creating real business opportunities. Ci2015 was named Corporate Event of the Year in the global Eventex Awards and in the Australian Event Awards and in the Anthill SMART 100.

Ci2016 is about not only managing the dramatic changes being wrought by new business models associated with the internet, technology and globalisation, but learning from these changes and seeing opportunities.

Disruption and the rise of exponential technologies is undoubtedly the greatest commercial and cultural threat all organisations will face over the next five years.

Ci2015 Creative Innovation Asia PacificThe changes driven by digital technology don’t discriminate. Virtually every business and institution faces competitive threats from new, nimble competitors not hampered by past practice or thinking. Yet, once understood, the threat of disruptive change from outside can be turned to a huge competitive advantage with the opportunities that flow from that understanding.

The only forum of its kind, Ci2016 is an interactive community to learn techniques and strategies, share ideas and lessons learnt across sectors and gain empowering experiences. Join big and small business, entrepreneurs, educators, venture capitalists, government leaders and the next generation of leaders and thinkers from around the world, Asia and Australia for “positive human collisions” to change the course of the future.

Ci2016 combines the talents of over 40 world-class leaders, thinkers and innovators. Ci2016 attendees will join forces and spend time with:

  • Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro (Japan), director Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, Department of Systems Innovation in the Graduate School of Engineering Science at Osaka University
  • Scott Anthony (Singapore), strategy and disruptive innovation expert, managing partner Innosight, Harvard Business Review author
  • Ramez Naam (USA), leading expert on innovation, energy, environmental challenges and neuroscience, CEO Apex Nanotechnologies, futurist and award winning author of four  books
  • Martin Ford (USA), Silicon Valley entrepreneur, futurist and speaker, leading expert on the robot revolution, artificial intelligence, job automation and the impact of accelerating technology on the economy and society
  • Dr Daniel Kraft  (USA), physician-scientist, inventor and innovator,  faculty chair for the medicine and exponential medicine program at Singularity University, exploring the impact and potential of rapidly developing technologies as applied to health and medicine
  • Dr Abigail Allwood (USA), astrobiologist, Jet Propulsion Lab, NASA, first female principal investigator on a Mars mission
  • Professor Stephen Heppell (UK), chair learning innovation Universidad Camilo José Cela Madrid, chair in New Media Environments Bournemouth University, one of the most influential academics in the field of technology and education globally
  • David Gonski AC, chairman ANZ and Coca-Cola Amatil
  • Dr Alan Finkel AO, Australia’s chief scientist
  • Hugh Morgan AC, principal, First Charnock, Lafarge International Advisory Board, Chairman Emeritus Asia Society AustralAsia Centre, former CEO Western Mining Corporation, former chair Business Council of Australia
  • Bill Ferris AC, chair Innovation Australia, founder and co-chairman CHAMP Equity
  • Professor Michelle Simmons, Scientia professor of physics, University of New South Wales, Australian Research Council laureate fellow
  • Martin Bean CBE, vice chancellor and president RMIT University
  • Renee Leon PSM, secretary of the Department of Employment
  • Carolyn Hewson AO, director of BHP Billiton and Stockland Group, trustee Westpac Foundation, member of federal government Growth Centres Advisory Committee
  • Dr Alex Zelinsky, Australia’s chief defence scientist (DSTO), computer scientist, systems engineer and roboticist
  • Jane King, deputy commissioner, design and change management Australian Taxation Office
  • John Stanhope, chairman Australia Post & AGL, chancellor of Deakin University
  • Steve Vamos, non-executive director Telstra and Fletcher Building, venture investor, business advisor, speaker
  • Associate Professor Rufus Black, master Ormond College, principal fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, deputy chancellor Victoria University, vice chancellor research and innovation and an ARC Georgina Sweet laureate fellow University of South Australia, award-winning Australian physicist known for her work in photonics
  • …and more to be announced!

Ci2015 Creative Innovation Asia PacificOne of Ci2016’s Ambassadors Hugh Morgan AC says that successful leadership in business and government often requires simplifying the complex and finding new ways to achieve sustainable growth,” Morgan said.

“This sixth Creative Innovation event provides a unique chance to see through the complexity of the disruption we are experiencing and find new ways of thinking and collaborating to achieve lasting growth. It is a wonderful opportunity for leaders and potential leaders in all walks of life to explore and understand these issues and to take strategies and new thinking back into their organisations.This outstanding event is a wonderful contributor to developing a true culture of innovation in this nation.”

With the Australian business sector stuck with an insufficient knowledge of disruption, a risk-adverse culture, and stifling of creative thinking and innovation, Ci2016 brings a fresh approach to today’s challenges and will submit its findings and results to the Australian Government.

Ci2016 gives delegates the opportunity to expand thinking and leverage their often hidden “right-brained” creative capabilities to help alter traditional mindsets, fixed corporate cultures and open the doors for new solutions.

“Ci2016 is a cross-sector, community-wide program and the cross-pollination of ideas at this event is a significant factor for anyone wishing to innovate and develop more of a culture of collaboration and innovation. This is a rare opportunity to learn, connect and share ideas across sectors with some of the world’s most influential thinkers and innovators under one roof,” Morgan said.

Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific encourages all sectors to be involved. Leaders, emerging talent, change-makers, activists, influencers, innovators, provocateurs, advisers, board directors, CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners and executives from all sectors are encouraged to attend and share a super-regional, global perspective to ultimately make a difference.

Creative Universe is offering 10 scholarships to Ci2016 for emerging innovation leaders from any sector. Ci Global Conference Ambassadors are Hugh Morgan AC, Professor Allan Fels AO, and Sir Gus Nossal AC.

About Creative Innovation 2016 Asia Pacific: Creative Innovation Global is the brainchild of Tania de Jong AM, a leading Australian soprano, thought leader, social entrepreneur and creative innovation expert. She is the founder of Creativity Australia and Creative Universe. Creative Innovation has had rising success since launching in 2010. Currently in its sixth year, Creative Universe aims to bring together the world’s most important thinkers and leaders to share strategies, solutions and best practice. Its specific focus is leadership, innovation, education, technology and science.

Ci2016 will feature a program of 13 master classes, deep conversation, two action-packed conference days, a gala dinner, artists-in-residence and networking opportunities. Visit here for more information.

Join the Facebook group for updates and comments and follow Ci2016 on Twitter @CInnovation and #ciglobal


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