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Q&A: Rishworth’s plan for “positive impact”

Danielle Kutchel, Tuesday, 2nd August 2022 -  The new social services minister promises to leave no Australian behind. Almost three months on from the election, Parliament has begun sitting and we’re starting to get an idea of

Limited progress on Closing the Gap, as Australia mourns a legend

Danielle Kutchel, Monday, 1st August 2022 -  Limited data means the lack of a clear picture of how we are progressing on Closing the Gap, as Australia mourns one of its foremost campaigners for justice for First Nations.  The latest

Community-led program will supply free RATs as federal program ends

Danielle Kutchel, Monday, 1st August 2022 -  The community has stepped up where the federal government has stepped back, but states are also going it alone.  As the federal government’s free rapid antigen test (RAT) program

Happenings on the hill

Key names you need to know in federal Parliament

Angus Crowther, Monday, 1st August 2022 -  Angus Crowther and Rory Parker provide this handy guide to some of the key names our sector needs to know in federal Parliament.  With the first sitting week of the 47th Parliament done

$30m funding for new public housing in ACT 

Isabelle Oderberg, Monday, 1st August 2022 -  Funding to tackle the housing crisis in the ACT is on its way, but some say it is not enough. The ACT government is pledging new funding for public and community housing ahead of its state


Dear Commissioner: Community Council for Australia

David Crosbie, Monday, 1st August 2022 -  No one wants the ACNC to succeed in its role more than the sector itself and hugely knowledgable sector leaders are ready to offer advice, guidance and support, writes David Crosbie


A passion for people and a “fulfilling life”

Danielle Kutchel, Friday, 29th July 2022 -  Dr Sharman Stone, the new head of the Australian Institute of Family Studies, has long been interested in the dynamics of families and how to address the harms that befall them. She

Careers blog

Don’t let a confidence crisis get the best of you

Danielle Kutchel, Friday, 29th July 2022 -  What can you do to help when you feel a bit down on yourself at work? Had a rough week? Suffering a crisis of confidence at work? We all have those days – but if you don’t get it nipped

Government opens applications for ACNC commissioner

Danielle Kutchel, Friday, 29th July 2022 -  The advertisement highlights the commissioner’s role in enhancing charities’ confidence to pursue purpose. The hunt is officially on for a new commissioner for the Australian

Redefining overcrowding in homelessness

Danielle Kutchel, Friday, 29th July 2022 -  Overcrowding is more to do with state of mind than square footage, according to new research from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute and Curtin University released


Dear Commissioner: Krystian Seibert

Krystian Seibert, Friday, 29th July 2022 -  In part five of Dear Commissioner, Krystian Seibert offers the yet-to-be-appointed ACNC commissioner some advice involving Tina Turner. Note from the editor: welcome to Dear
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