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Community organisations fear innovation backtrack

Maggie Coggan, Wednesday, 15th December 2021 -  Experts say significant investment in technology, resources and upskilling is needed if progress is to be maintained While community organisations successfully innovated to


COVID-19 is the impetus we needed to level up child welfare

Deb Tsorbaris, Wednesday, 15th December 2021 -  It is our role – as adults, parents, carers, and community members – to support children and young people to thrive, through the good and the bad, writes Deb Tsorbaris, CEO of the Centre


What’s going on with independent candidates and the federal election?

Contributor, Wednesday, 15th December 2021 -  With the 2022 election promising to be close – the Morrison government has just a one-seat majority – could high-profile independents be a crucial factor in key seats, asks Malcolm


Grassroots data sharing empowers ​​communities and not for profits to change the system

Kristi Mansfield, Wednesday, 15th December 2021 -  By giving communities governance over their data through data sharing, all collaborators can come together to determine which stories matter most, and how they are told, writes

The ‘fatal flaw’ plaguing policy making in Australia

Luke Michael, Tuesday, 14th December 2021 -  Policymakers are being urged to listen more to charities working on the ground to help deliver better outcomes for the community    Charity leaders say the not-for-profit sector

How Can I Help?

How can you help if someone you know has a gambling problem?

Wendy Williams, Tuesday, 14th December 2021 -  We speak with Anna Bardsley and David McAnalen about what you can do if someone you know is experiencing gambling harm. While many people wouldn’t think twice about an outing to the


Getting new ideas up – The three pillars

Mike Davis, Tuesday, 14th December 2021 -  Mike Davis shares three pillars that can make the difference in getting your ideas or agendas progressed. Whether you are working in the not-for-profit sector or not, there are a range

How do we unlock the value of philanthropy in Australia?

Jodi Kennedy, Tuesday, 14th December 2021 -  As Australia continues to face ongoing challenges, supporting the for-purpose sector to reshape and rebuild demands new approaches to funding and more of it, writes Jodi Kennedy


Eight reasons why Australian social enterprise is on the rise

Jay Boolkin, Monday, 13th December 2021 -  Jay Boolkin looks at the reasons behind social entrepreneurship becoming more popular in Australia. Using business as a force for good has taken the world by storm, and for good reason. 


Three capabilities to boost the not-for-profit sector’s impact

Sam Sayers, Monday, 13th December 2021 -  COVID-19 made the not-for-profit sector’s value clearer than ever, with demand doubling for many services. But now the sector is under immense strain. Australian Scholarships

Indigenous leaders plead for action on rising out-of-home care numbers

Maggie Coggan, Monday, 13th December 2021 -  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are 10 times more likely to be in out-of-home care or permanent care than non-Indigenous children Experts say the out-of-home care


Helping people get a head start on their home

Maggie Coggan, Monday, 13th December 2021 -  Stephen Woodlands is the founder and managing director of Head Start Homes, an organisation empowering disadvantaged people to break the cycle of homelessness and insecure housing.
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