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Marketing & Communications Manager at Gembridge Recruitment & Executive Search.


Being A Leader, No Matter Your Job Title

Jenny Nicholls, Friday, 7th June 2024 -  According to the American Dictionary, a leader is “a person who manages… other people, especially because of his or her ability or position”.

Dissecting a Workday… Every 15 Minutes

Jenny Nicholls, Friday, 9th February 2024 -  I’m sure you’ve been there. You get caught up in the whirlwind of the daily grind, only to get to the end of the day, look at your to-do list that’s still a mile long, and wonder… “what did I DO all day?”

3 Big Mistakes Businesses Make In Wellbeing

Jenny Nicholls, Friday, 10th November 2023 -  Is your business running ad hoc wellbeing events, such as yellow cupcakes for RU OK Day and that’s about it? Do you have the best intentions to improve employee wellbeing in 2024?

Poll Results : How Do You Prefer to Attend Interviews?


Jenny Nicholls, Saturday, 17th June 2023 -  In March 2023, Gembridge recruitment thought it would be interesting to hear from their network of jobseekers what they thought about attending interviews right now, here's the results.
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