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Krystian Seibert is the Policy & Research Manager with Philanthropy Australia.


Celebrating a Giving Australia and the Power of Partnerships


Krystian Seibert, Thursday, 8th December 2016 -  In the wake of the recent release of the landmark Giving Australia report, the not-for-profit sector needs to raise awareness about the importance of giving and how it makes a difference, writes Krystian Seibert from Philanthropy Australia.

Community-Led Economic Regeneration – What Can We Learn From Cleveland, Ohio?


Krystian Seibert, Tuesday, 22nd November 2016 -  It’s time to bring not for profits, philanthropy, cooperatives and government together as part of a community-led economic regeneration with an eye on the successful Cleveland Model in the US, writes Krystian Seibert from Philanthropy Australia.

DGR Status for Community Foundations: A Critical Reform to Grow Philanthropy


Krystian Seibert, Tuesday, 18th October 2016 -  Community foundations play a critical role, but current tax laws are blocking their access to donors, writes Philanthropy Australia’s Krystian Seibert.

Growing Social Enterprise – a Big Opportunity for Philanthropy and Government


Krystian Seibert, Wednesday, 13th July 2016 -  When it comes to philanthropy, social enterprise ticks a lot of boxes as a strategic investment which addresses systemic disadvantage, and there are signs that philanthropic interest in social enterprise is growing, writes Philanthropy Australia’s Krystian Seibert.

Paving the Way for a National Social Innovation Strategy


Krystian Seibert, Thursday, 25th February 2016 -  Australia needs a National Social Innovation Strategy which considers all the policy levers at the government’s disposal to support social innovation and enterprise, writes Policy and Research Manager at Philanthropy Australia, Krystian Seibert.

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Critics have Jumped the Gun


Krystian Seibert, Thursday, 17th December 2015 -  The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is not something that critics should be talking down, but something that should encourage constructive contributions and engagement from all those with a genuine interest in more effective philanthropy, writes Philanthropy Australia’s Krystian Seibert.
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